Who should go with ZAF commander Lieutenant General Eric Chimese?

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Gen Chimese

It’s also true that the face of an organization reflects the character and working culture of the CEO and its management policy.

However, within the organization there are characters and professionals who give policy guidance or redirect them to achieve a certain objectives.

Not are professionals work to achieve an organization goals but they are also guided by fundamental principal, rules, ethics and regulations. Its an obligation of professionals not to breach them in pursuit of achieving a particular goal. If they do, the law pounces on them worse than it could when an organization makes lose.

Accountants, lawyers, doctors, human resource personnel are an example of such people under obligation to work while following and safeguarding professional ethics.

Its true that directors and CEO sometimes they override company procedures and policies but its not true that CEO can start a transaction and finish it.

In any organization specific staff are charged with task different from each other but all directed at achieving the corporate objectives of an organization.

Accountants are charged with responsibility of safeguarding resources of an organization, Human resource deal with personnel issues and internal auditors deal with internal controls ensuring that risk of fraud, misappropriation are reduced through policies which prevents, detect and correct.

Unless a sole trader, corporate entities cannot have funds released from an account without these key department knowing and in most cases appending a signature.

Someone must have issued a request, invoice while someone must have been involved in issuing and approving payment vouchers, on other hand someone must have checked that rules and procedures are followed through out the transaction.

In all this, I find it difficult to believe that Gen Eric Chinese was alone in this corruption allegations.

Where is the procurement officers?

Where are the accountants?

Where are the internal auditors

Where is the PS and controlling officers.


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