PF nothing but a gang of pro-Chinese, anti-Zambia mafia!

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By Cde Mainda Simataa

Let’s be clear about one thing first: former Chinese consultant Chishimba KAMBWILI now NDC leader, and former Chinese foreign affairs Minister Harry Kalaba now DA prayer warrior, must shut up about China, they brought China here!!!!

Now, what the remaining camarilla PF mafia and it’s Don and God-father Lungu, have done, namely the sale of the countries’ vital assets (ZNBC, ZESCO, KK AIRPORT, NFCA $ MAMBA MINES and others) to China without the consultation nor consent of the people who’s property it is, is unpardonable treason of the highest order – it is the epitome of unbridled greed and economic sabotage anywhere in Africa, and it is sure to result in more and more poverty, misery, slavery and death for thousands of Zambians. Even the South African Parliament is talking about it, even the Kenyan Parliament who are Kings of corruption is now in session and discussion of how not to go ‘the Zambian way’, oh how far Zambian corruption has gone!

These Mafia have shaken hands with a country that is now despised and hated Globally and continentally for its huge insatiable appetite for cheap resources and slave labour to build its own empire in the east; China has ruthlessly captured those nations’ assets who have dared drink from its cup of debt inequity, and we in Zambia have drunk so deep and are now sick to the stomach, and purging all assets.

How and where do we start the struggle against these Modern day colonial masters, is a question to which few have responded, and even fewer are moving, while the rest of the country indulges in holding talk-shows and media-spectacles about how bad we’ve been done in.

But complaining never solved a thing, those who want something done must not waited to be led by people who brought in the Chinese and profited from this treason in the first place – Chishimba KAMBWILI, Harry Kalaba, Mutati, Dora Siliti, Lungu and Co!

Zambia Shall be Saved, not by any super hero from somewhere, but by everyday common youths yet unknown, hard done and hard pressed, and still willing to unite and to move, limp, crawl or whatever, against a seemingly impossible death-trap situation created and protected by a ruthless PF MAFIA!


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