SA embarks on an economy destroying saga

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By Brian Mulenga


As South Africa embarks on an economy destroying saga the fall out will be felt right here in Zambia.

If you are young and smart get out now.

The reverberations from the economic suicide being contemplated in South Africa

In the name of so called economic freedom expropriation of land without compensation is about to take place.
In history every time it has been tried it has led famone hinger and economic hardship for a minimum of one generation.
No proper plan has been worked out. There are no white papers for discussion and so far the leaders whether it is Malema of the Economic Freedom Front or Rhamaposa of the ANC have failed to articulate a logical and convincing plan.
At a stroke of the pen they aim to destroy the most successful agricultural sector in Africa. From wines to bacon South African agricultural produce is found all over the world.
The other part is the banks. The banks hold mortgages on millions of homes in South Africa. These will be rendered valueless unless a coherent strategy is worked out.
As for the land itself there is no plan on paper how the expropriated land will be shared.
South Africa is a very tribal and discriminatory society with Vendas and rhe dark skinned Northerners at the bottom of the heap. It is impossible for any tribe to hope they will get land in Kwazulu Natal. The Indians and the coloureds muat be edgy right now. They are despised race groups in South fron not being white enough or black enough.
The whites will leave and the will leave en masse taking valuable skills and capital with them. By 2030 South Africa will be breaking down like the rest of Africa. The lights wont come on, the toilets wont flush, the garbage will not be collected and the potholes will multiply. Joining the whites in a rush for the exits will be the educated middle class blacks. Used to first World standards they will not hang around and live in the ruins left behind. By 2035 the valley of the waves at Sun City wont work.
South Africa will import food the rand willbe another version of prettily printed toilet paper.
We have seen it before and the future is not pretty.
My advice for Zambians? Emigrate the earthquake coming from South Africa will be a shocker. I would say watch it from a safer place. Like Australia.


2 Responses to SA embarks on an economy destroying saga

  1. Nosense. African are ripe to manage their affairs bwana.

    August 8, 2018 at 5:29 pm

  2. next year we are going to vote for a white party so the situation will be overhauled!

    August 10, 2018 at 1:53 pm

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