Parody: The Zambian professional

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The Zambian Lawyer is one who has no place in heaven because he loves your criminality if it is frequent enough to get him paid more and loves your innocence if it is slow enough to prove and get him paid more.

The Zambian diplomat is a person who is fired in national interest but yet sent to represent Zambia in country which is not interested in Zambia.

The Zambian economist is either one of the few who analyses the economy to seek attention or one of the majority who are quiet because they want a job at bank of Zambia.

The Zambian accountant is one always busy crunching figures because he is handsomely paid or is always busy cooking books to cover up his fraud.

The Zambian doctor is one who is not well appreciated by the government and is so frustrated by the lack of equipment such that he lies in wait with sharp scalpers to teach the next sick politician a lesson but unfortunately the politician is clever enough to fly to South Africa.

The Zambian nurse is one who has to manage a hospital ward full of sick people by herself and overhears you complaining about slow service yet you only have a cough, then she holds back the thought of escalating your cough to TB, watch out.

The Zambian state media journalists is one reads news form a politicians script and covers a politician for tips.

The Zambia traffic police officer is one who has to be on fasting if your driving is not fast enough in his camera.

The Zambia business man is one who brags about being the owner, checks on his business twice in a day with folded arms and foolishly expects to make profit.

The Zambian farmer is one who owns ten acres of land, planted some maize, is in full-time employment in an office sipping coffee and reading this article right now.

The Zambian politician is one who promises you jobs, kneels for your votes, steals your votes and comes back with a bill of US$9.3 billion.

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