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Getting to Know Someone on a First  Date – What to Check

Getting to Know Someone on a First Date – What to Check

918 ViewsThe thought of dating a person for the first time can be overwhelming and fun at the same time for many people. The first date is an opportunity to find out the personality of the person you are dealing with. Unfortunately, many people are lost in the confusion and barely grasp anything about who […]

2,102 ViewsBorn in Chingola, Cornelius Mulenga affectionately known as Chellah Tukuta is an internationally acclaimed award-winning Zambian Professional Photographer with experience spanning 17 years, whose silly mistake is threatening the legacy he had been building for years, reports Zambian Eye Correspondent. The renowned photographer recently left the country shocked when his semi-nude pictures of himself […]

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FTJ, the man who rose from a Bus Conductor to a President

4,065 Views….From Poverty and obscurity to head of State. By Mwaba Mutale His nickname was “Totolo” that beans that cooks even for two days without being ready. He was nicknamed so due to his stubborness. It is said he never lost or gave up an argument. He was really stubborn and never dreaded even fist […]

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Hakainde Hichilema owes young people an explanation

7,636 ViewsBy David Chikwanda The life story of Hakainde Hichilema is very inspiring to many young people not only because he is a millionaire but how he has managed to remain a man of one woman despite his wealth. We have seen a lot of rich people living an extravagant life and usually have more […]

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Mugabe’s biological Children

45,755 ViewsRobert Gabriel Mugabe married his first wife Sally Francesca Hayfron a Ghanaian woman in 1961. And they had their first child a son (Michael Nhamodzenyika Mugabe) in 1963. Unfortunately, Michael Nhamodzenyika Mugabe died at the age of 3 in 1966, 27 September. Later on in 1988 Mugabe had his first daughter with Grace Ntombizodwa […]

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I just got a hair cut by my wife – Tayali

16,119 ViewsOpposition EEP president Chilufya Tayali who recently wedded an Ethiopian woman has kept Facebook funs busy. Tayali has ignored advice that he keeps privacy of the happenings at his home. He says he chooses on how to run his marriage and those not happy can go and ‘hang’. Tayali this time he has posted […]

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Zambian women opt to lightening creams, sukuluza

7,579 ViewsThe skin lightening creams especially those sold through social media, better known by its local names as sukuluza or kojic has taken a grip on many Zambian women. The creams, soaps and other products which cause skin bleach are sold and distributed on social media with an assurance of having natural herbal products to […]

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No sex with royal virgins, Kwilimuna Patrons warned

4,851 ViewsKwilimuna Patrons warned against having sex with royal virgins, reports Zambian Eye Correspondent at the traditional ceremony in Mpongwe. Kwilimuna traditional Ceremony Master of ceremonies warned patrons who gathered to witness the ceremony against having sex with the virgins of Chieftainess Malembeka royal village Ibenga. “Please do not even have a thought of having […]

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Tsega Tayali gets Visa

5,805 ViewsChilufya Tayali managed to get a Visa for his newly wedded Ethiopian lady Tsega evening, 23rd July, 2019. This was after the couple was stopped from boarding a plane at Bola International Airport in Ethiopia. Authorities at the airport said Tsega needed a Visa to fly to Zambia, the home country for her husband. […]

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Mother buys Son BMW as a gift

5,695 ViewsA Zambian Model has surprised the Nation after she bought a BMW car as a gift for her son. Alice Musukwa says because she loves her son she was giving him a new BMW. ’‘Because I Love you and you mean the world to me, because u gave me motherhood, you gave me a […]

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