Robert Mugabe from a war Hero to Zero: A Lesson for PF and UPND 

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Lungu with HH

There are many divided opinions regards Comrade Robert Mugabe who by reason of the past few hours has now been relegated to the status of former President of Zimbabwe.For some,Mugabe will always be a hero irrespective of the political climate that has escorted his exit.

But to his critics,the willy politician had become a data center of dictatorship in Africa,who destroyed Zimbabwe in his quest to safeguard his status for the past 37 years.

The very security forces he had used to force his opponents into submission have been responsible for his unceremonious departure.The very levers of power he had used to oppress and offend his political opponents had turned against him.

There are several lessons politicians can learn from,especially the old and recycled politicians who stand tall in our political ranks and file both in the opposition and ruling Party.Power is not permanent and the state tools you use to keep others away will one day be used against you.The other lesson while also important is that internal democracy in political party’s is very important.In Zambia today there is no single political party that can boast of internal democracy.

No legitimate convention has been held in Zambia in any major political party in the last 20 years.Its a shame that political leaders have forcefully stayed in power using money and other tools of oppression.Always remember that the source of true legitimacy are the people.Dictatorship in these political party’s has potential to ignite a power struggle such as one which has just rocked ZANU-PF and Zimbabwe.

The recent calls by the PF Top brass that President Edgar Lungu will be the PF sole candidate in 2021 and the unchallenged status that HH is regulating in UPND are both strong traits of dictatorship and must not be allowed to stand.It is highly evident that the dictatorial political strain in these two major political party’s will have spiral effects to the democracy of the whole country.

Finally i call upon both President Edgar Lungu and UPND leader HH, to examine there current grip on power and see if its healthy for their political party’s and the country at large.Your political styles and tendencies have potential to reverse all the democratic milestones the country has achieved but you can make the situation right by doing the right thing and allowing democracy to reign in your political party’s.

Allan Sakala

Governance Activist


2 Responses to Robert Mugabe from a war Hero to Zero: A Lesson for PF and UPND 

  1. Stupid Allan Sakala why bring in HH into this. The man has not yet ruled this country what overstaying. Marubish/

    November 22, 2017 at 11:39 am

  2. Actually, Mr Allan Sakala has a point to some extent in so far as the opposition leader holding on to power for such a long time unchallenged and which power was basically an inheritance and not democratically gotten.
    FDD leader is equally trying to hold on to power .
    As for ECL , if you read the constitution in totality and interpret it without malice , he actually qualifies to stand in 2021.

    November 22, 2017 at 2:34 pm

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