HH, Lungu and the story of dialogue and reconciliation

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HH with Lungu

Since the disputed 2016 General Elections, the nation has persistently been fed to a never-ending menu of the so called dialogue and reconciliation between Mr Hakainde Hichilema and President Edgar Lungu. Bishops, politicians, international dignitaries in the form of Barones Scotland and one Professor Bangari including peasants have all been talking about the need for HH and ECL to dialogue and reconcile.
Months have come and months have gone and all we hear about this so called dialogue between HH and ECL is from what the two leaders and their functionaries in the press and social media have been pandering but a meeting between these two leaders is fast becoming a pipedream.
To begin with, if there must be reconciliation, there must be truth and justice. You can’t keep peace by force, manipulation or falsehoods. Like Izzeldin Abuelaish once remarked, you cannot ask people to coexist by having one side bow their heads and agree to a solution that is only good for one side. If there must be reconciliation, there must be truth, fairness and justice.
As we talk about this so called dialogue and reconciliation there is need to be very clear of the connotations and implications of these words and processes. To begin with, reconciliation assumes that there has been a breakdown in the relationship, but now there has been a change from a state of enmity and fragmentation to one of harmony and fellowship.
The animosity or conflict between HH and ECL does not stem from personal differences but electoral and general governance issues; after all HH and ECL have never been friends in the first place so there is nothing form them to reconcile about at a personal level.
The animosity between these two Zambians is stemming from the electoral battle of 2016 and what has been transpiring since politically so if anyone wants the two to reconcile then any effort or dialogue must be focused on the causes of the conflict and not generalities. For HH and ECL to genuinely reconcile then the following have to be honestly and openly be addressed:
1. The electoral process, that is the management of 2016 elections vis-a-vis the conduct of the Electoral Commission of Zambia.
2. The application of the Public Order Act
3. The Electoral Process Act No.35 of 2016 and the Constitutional lacunas that have contributed to having chaotic and frankly speaking, shambolic elections
4. The conduct of the police and other institutions of governance eg the Judiciary, the Anti Corruption Commission and the public media.
5. The state of human rights and the rule of law among others.
All these issues need to be addressed head on and progressive reforms have to be made in order to achieve peace and the so called reconciliation.
So far there seems to be nothing practical or tangible being done to bring both HH and ECL to a round table. All we see and hear are accusations and counter accusations of breaches and lack of commitment to dialogue by both parties.
Unless serious efforts are quickly made for the two conflicting leaders to meet and discuss, this story of dialogue and reconciliation will soon lose meaning and will be overtaken by events. Remember, life does not allow vacuums.
By Antonio Mwanza


3 Responses to HH, Lungu and the story of dialogue and reconciliation

  1. well tabulated, hope all stakeholders will take time to read and make use of it.

    October 22, 2017 at 2:48 pm

  2. I urge the UNSC and the International Community to tell President ECL and his Opposition President HH to take this opportunity and include eradicating the obstacles that have clearly shown how Zambia is still lacking behind in as far as gender parity and eradicating gender violence by 2030, is concerned. They must accept to convene an international justice mechanism to probe those that violated International law, International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law; and account for breaching the 1969 Vienna Conventions; failing to which, Zambia must face the repercussions of breaching such convention and other treaties, from the International Community. I didn’t go to work for the UN for those who cannot join the UN. Just because I am female, it does not mean that every Zambian Scamster must have interest in what I worked hard for in my life. Both my Zambia Police and my UN benefits have been squandered stolen and illegally with held from me. Such acts are an obstacle for the global community to reach the 2030 development goals. I have been degraded to more than 30 years backwards in my life as a result of the attacks on me.

    The AU, SADC and UN have the obligation of holding Zambia to account for the embarasing gender violence Inflicted on me, in abuse of state machinery. There is nothing like state autonomy or sovereignty when it comes to sexual violence. Such acts are heinous and subject to universal jurisdiction. I need global security.

    More specifically, the state does not have jurisdiction in calculating or distributing my UN benefit entitlements, and neither does it have jurisdiction in correcting a mistaken payment caused by UN staff members or money paid from the United Nations account; Nor does it have jurisdiction in resolving allegations of misconduct committed by UN staff members and vendors of the United Nations. All such manufactured claims and vexatious suits must be appropriately accounted for under impartial and independent criminal tribunals.

    Just because I am female, every Zambian fraudster became interested in my UN benefit entitlements and inflicted me with heinous sexual violence, from killing my daughter, to deliberately with holding and circumventing my Zambia Police Benefits and pillaging me aggressively in abuse of the justice system. They enslaved me, tortured and extorted me of well over $250,000 in manufactured vexatious suits, and reduced me to inhuman and degrading treatment, in addition to forcing me to flee my residence into the wilderness upon assassination attempts. Acts which all constitute crimes against humanity.

    My former colleagues in the Zambia Police Service even abused their arms and provided aggravated Robbery of my household goods and vehicles, to Gilbert Phiri , Makebi Zulu and his Advocates and Others. Yet I did not invade any one’s rights, but just because I became a Female UN Diplomat. They envied me and suffered inferiority gender complex and conspired to ruin me financially, emotionally and healthily. They inflicted fraud and deception on the Courts and indiscriminately stole my belongings, and they have tirelessly worked at legitimising their illegal acts in abuse of the Court process, through their friends and relatives. . However, I have caught them and I only need an international justice mechanism to criminally process them. All those manufactured vexatious suits form part of the bulky exhibits of the organized crimes they progressed.

    I was attacked in every social context and deprived of my economic advantage and One former uneducated Police Inspector General even claimed that I committed an indiscipline act by joining the UN, and I should have stayed at home instead of going abroad to study and work for the UN because I am female. Then a female former colleague, Elizabeth Mutale Mbewe even spoke in illusion to me that she told someone that she would kill me the way she killed my child. All such felonies have been compounded. Zambia Police really needs to be mordenised and I urge our Politicians to stop appointing illiterate cops to top positions. Look at how they have embarrassed the country. The crimes they inflicted on me has put Zambia Police Troops on question mark of peacekeeping , as all learned people know that they are not supposed to be deployed to peacekeeping assignments until they clear themselves of the human rights violations inflicted on me and others who joined the UN. Failing to which the UN Secretariat is obligated with repatriating them immediately, Or the host countries ejecting them. I demand appropriate justice and I remind the UN secretariat and host countries to follow up on this issue.

    The embarasing gender violence inflicted on me just because I am female and I progressed to join the United Nations is unacceptable, and must be accounted for by criminally prosecuting all the alleged suspects, the 10 Zambian Lawyers who manufactured the vexatious suits and funnelled and spirited them in gross violation of my due process rights and pillaging me of belongings which cost me well over $300,000 in abuse of state machinery, and then inhumanely attempting to assassinate me, must account and stripped of their legal professions. LAZ and ZIALE must look into all these atrocities. Did they train their lawyers to steal what they admire in abuse?

    Zambia can only enjoy better international relations by eradicating these obstacles, which are now a clear agenda of the 2030 development goal achievements. It offended the Rule of Law and grossly violated my rights, including my right to life and those of my children. I need support from the international civil society to see to it that all acts inflicted on me and my children are appropriately accounted for.

    The International justice mechanism I am seeking, will not only eradicate the barriers and obstacles, but will also build capacity in Zambia’s state institutions, even in the private sector, especially in ZIALE and LAZ, whose Lawyers are the main suspects of abusing the justice system and state machinery as tools of the gender violence they inflicted on me. They must be taught that a UN benefit entitlement is only for eligible UN staff members and their eligible dependant spouse and children, and it cannot be extorted from the eligible staff member by deception or fraud, or by funnelling racketeering and money laundering vexatious suits in national courts. The BOZ and PACRA too will benefit as a lot of companies and micro financing businesses must be closed and criminally prosecuted for the Organized crimes they illicitly enrich themselves with. I identified a few who, like, and in conspiracy with the implicated lawyers dishonestly abused their licences in targeting my UN benefit entitlements. Deficiencies in Regulation and the Rule of Law will probably be enhanced, by such international justice mechanism; and deception will show its face to the global community.

    We need a serious commitment to accountability and professionalism, which is lacking in Zambia. The way they targeted me is proof of such deficiencies and abuse of public resources. I didn’t go to the UN to benefit ineligible people, OR to be a Victim of fraud, manipulation, blackmail, extortion and deception, including witchcraft, wherever I went in Zambia. It’s not right and it is a bad thing and detriment to the development of the country, and thus discredits Zambia on the international arena. Makebi Zulu’s stealing of my vehicle and manufacturing the vexatious suit to launder such vehicle undermines the credibility of governance, which is now questionable and constitutes crimes against humanity. It’s immoral, inhuman and degrading what they did to me and they must account before an international justice mechanism. We are not in the colonies any more and those Practising colonialism must also account for it together with their accomplices in the West. Hence my call for the AU and SADC to look into this issue too.

    The Police and the entire justice system will also benefit from such international justice mechanism. There is need for capacity building for at least 5-10 years in Zambia. Things are in a mess, mostly in gross violations of human rights. I have observed rampant incompetence and dysfunction, abuse and gross violation of human rights, especially women’s rights, in Zambia, which need attention of the global community. How can I be paraded in national courts which do not have jurisdiction in money paid to me from the UN account. But just as a way of others stealing from me and abusing my name and UN benefit entitlement. Such crimes ought to be appropriately accounted for. It’s shameful. I worked so hard to earn my status and those that envy me should also work hard if they want my livelihood and not to steal from me, by funnelling deception through the courts. ZIALE and LAZ must tell its lawyers that I will not let any of them get away with impunity for the Labour of my hands. I have been so patient and taken enough of their criminality and I am no longer interested. They cannot even complete an application for UN jobs then they mob me. What were they taught about the UN? I did not become their money train for 10 lawyers to embarrassingly manufacture vexatious suits to extort from one woman in abuse. I urge and appeal to the international community to help me to hold all those who targeted me, accountable. They are universal suspects and can be arrested and criminally prosecuted in any jurisdiction. So have them arrested if they cross into your territories.

    As a female Diplomat and victim myself. I need support to rebuild my shattered livelihood and the future of my children and the 2030 development goals command that security be given priority to victims and survivors of gender violence, and I demand RESTORATIVE JUSTICE, and to be relocated to another environment with legal protection and security.

    And I again, urge the international community to hold Zambia accountable for breaching the 1969 Vienna Conventions and other treaties and protocols in what they did to me. Accountability is the only way Zambia will clean this mess and contribute effectively to international relations. Why should Gilbert Phiri and Makebi Zulu and others illegally deprive me of my vehicles just because they come from the same Province with the President? UPND must account for its suspects who aided their Gilbert Phiri and how they took interest in my things and UN benefit entitlements. I am sick of everything.

    Accountability is not optional, and it doesn’t mean that when I am female, every mysoginist should have interest in my benefits and earnings to the extent of manufacturing lies for national courts which do not have jurisdiction in UN money, and stealing from me like rats. President ECL and HH must dialogue and sort out their cadres.. You don’t steal like that from a woman who worked so hard without any support from you. Even her days and hard work with the Government have all been with held. This is the profile of Zambian men. The majority are under skilled to the extent of them damaging their careers when they see a self sufficient woman. Woe to them. I will not give any of them impunity. The UNSC must appease me.


    anxiious Waiting for Dialogue Diplomat Victim
    October 28, 2017 at 3:43 pm

  3. The influx of Congolese refugees in Zambia is so alarming and needs concerted efforts by the International community. Zambia needs the UNHCR to completely take over the plight, reintegration or repatriation of these refugees. Running away from violence is so traumatising and needs experts to receive these people. There is rampant corruption and dysfunction in many of Zambia’s institutions and public resources are mostly misused and not accounted for. Gender violence is rife in Zambia. Then, in most cases, the vulnerable refugees are women and children, and these are more likely to suffer even more due to the harsh perceived reception in Zambia. Isn’t it recently when Zambia suffered ritual killings and refugees started fleeing Zambia?

    From what I know and have experienced in Zambia, is that the majority of the female refugees are more likely to be sexually abused. Mysoginists will not give them food or resources for free unless they give in to sex. If the Ministry of Home Affairs and Zambia Police could greatly stigmatise me because I refused giving in to sex every time I requested my rights during my service with the Zambia Police Service, what more of the vulnerable refugee. If they can conspire and mob me, a female Diplomat to steal my own resources, enslave , torture and extort from me in abuse of court process and state machinery. What more of the female refugee. It is a crime against humanity to believe that Zambian authorities will genuinely distribute humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees. They would rather steal from them and abuse them as enterprises in Organized criminality.

    The Zambia Police embarrassingly discriminated against me to deny me leave to go and read for my Masters degree because I did not accept to be sexually molested. They illegally with held my rental refunds and illegally evicted me from Sikanze Police camp because I refused to be sexually molested. They circumvented and illegally with held my Zambia Police pension and other benefits and they are still illegally with holding the same because I refused to be sexually abused.

    When I joined the United Nations, Police Command all became envious and some even wanted to force me into marrying them as a condition of allowing me leave of absence to work for the UN. but I still refused. Upon my return from my UN assignment, fugitive lawyers who were recruited into the conspiracy to inflict me with Gender violence, Gilbert Phiri and his alleged accomplices in particular, used more than 10 people who to me appeared to be foreigners and prohibited immigrants to rough me up and steal my Jeep Grand Cherokee and inhumanely and immorally break into my house and steal my household goods and food stuff, vandalise my house and drink more than 300 bottles of assorted drinks and wines. TO DATE! THE STATE US COMPOUNDING SUCH GENDER VIOLENCE, and they have no remorse or guilt, nor shame for keeping me in suspense. Acts which are just as same as recruiting child soldiers to do war on others.

    Then, whilst they are even illegally with holding my Zambia Police benefits. I was told by a Police Officer, after the pillaging that I should go and sleep with them and ask for my things back, thats when they will give them back to me. But I am so clean and I am a person of high integrity. I don’t abuse sex and I don’t give in to sexual abuse. And this had led into gross violation of my rights. But I call on the international community to condemn such acts and make sure that no one gets away with the impunity they inflicted on me.

    It’s very reprehensible for others to use sex as a tool of oppression, terrorism, gender violence, torture enslavement and inhumanely degrading me and my children. I am sorry thank you; , no natter to what extent they push me. I would rather remain HIV negative and free from syphiliss than to be sexually abused for what I have achieved and worked hard for. They inhumanely pillaged me and they are the ones that are sick and need psychiatric treatment.

    Similarly, his lawyer friend Makebi Zulu and his Advocates stole my other vehicle and used a foreigner to manufacture a vexatious suit as a method of legitimising their theft, even when my vehicle is registered on the RED Book, they illegally abused the court process by attaching themselves to it, without according me an opportunity to be heard and then committed perjury. Then they are related to the decision maker who attached them, when he did not even have jurisdiction to transfer or give them my vehicle and when I do not even owe them money. The RED Book is very clear that they committed an off nice and they should be arrested, but the state has compounded such a felony. They also used a very old woman, who is the mother to a man a dead man, whom I broke up with in 1993, and returned his dowry in 1993. They used such elderly woman to pretend to be emotionally missing her dead son and in need of my help in transport, but such woman is related to Makebi Zulu and his Advocates and to the wife of the foreigner they used as an enterprise. It is so sickening to see them using such a vulnerable persons to inflict fraud and deception on the court to the the extent of even committing perjury, with the full knowledge of the state. But just because they settled such foreign person in Zambia, as a politically motivated person, they would rather harm their own female UN Diplomat with misusing his status in Zambia. If they can abuse an older woman to steal a female Diplomat’s vehicle, what of the female refugees fleeing violence. Then such Makebi Zulu sits in Parliament with such uncleaned crimes against humanity, and there is nothing that Parliament can do about it.

    Even if I have asked the Immigration Director to review the immigration status of such foreigner, the International Community and UNHCR are better placed with effectively looking into his plight and how he was used as an enterprise to steal my vehicle in an Organized crime; and to safely repatriate him to his country of origin. The enterprise also sexually harassed me, acts which are so sickening and reprehensible. How can a prohibited immigrant or refugee want to sleep with me just because of my vehicle, and even asking me to just give him my vehicle, saying he is my relative, because he is related to my late EX fiancé, whom I did not even get married to, and he never achieved what I did, in his life time, and I dumped him in 1993. Such gender violence should be globally condemned. It’s very traumatising, reprehensible, inhuman and degrading.

    Then even if I already filed a complaint and summons to accused at the criminal registry for such Organized criminality, and I sent them to the DPP, the state has not commenced the prosecution, and because,mI formerly investigated fraud and corruption. I have been discriminated in accessing justice and my due process rights and my right to life grossly infringed upon. The crimes inflicted on me, can only be effectively prosecuted under an international justice mechanism; which is my priority and my call at the moment. The state has compounded all these felonies.

    So it cannot be accepted that female refugees will not be sexually exploited and abused by the Zambian authorities. They have already undergone traumatising situations to the point of them running away, but the area they have run to is not a safe place for women. I am a female Diplomat but they inflicted calculated gender violence on me, regardless; and they looted my belongings and refused me from any economic advantage because I don’t give in to their sexual demands. I do nothing for my living as they don’t want me to; and they plotted and conspired to assassinate me. I live on well wishers donations, whilst the state is illegally with holding my money, my household goods, my three vehicles and extorted substantial amounts of money from me, and they poisoned me. I have become vulnerable to assassination physically, otherwise and by witchcraft. Zambia must criminalise itch craft, otherwise We look to the International justice new banish to look into it.

    Only God and prayer saves me and keeps me going on. With such contingencies, I am steadfast and calling on the International community to act. My daughter shall not be killed, in suspense and without accountability.

    Then abusing refugees and prohibited immigrants as methods of stealing from the Zambian citizens is so traumatising too, and may excavate homophobia. Rampant organised criminality is going to cause more problems for both the refugees and local population of Zambia. There is need for an international response to the refugee influx in Zambia to control the deplorable human behaviour and improve the radical social and economic environment, which is being worsened by dysfunction.

    If the UNHCR and other international agencies do not take up the responsibility of saving strangers running into Zambia. Those assigned to distribute food and medicines to the refugees, are more likely to sexually abuse the female refugees, and steal their food rations and medicines; and use the male refugees as enterprises in organised criminality. They stole my belongings and then asked me to go and sleep with them for me to get my things back. How?…….Such is the mentality of mysoginist, who are the majority of the population in Zambia.

    The UNHCR must bring in, international experts to handle the refugee influx in Zambia. The situation is already fragile in for use females, and foreigners and suspected prohibited immigrants were abused to steal and almost kill us. What is the situation going to be now, when Zambian authorities cannot even address our situation, and the Minister of Home Affairs is very much aware of how his Policemen killed my daughter, just because they wanted to return me from my United Nations assignment; and how they inflicted me with heinous gender violence because they envied my UN job and how they are illegally with holding my money, because I refused to give in to their sexual fantasies, and they provided armed robbery to their accomplices to steal and inflict harm on me just because I became a female UN Diplomat. Then their incompetence is the contributing factor to all such gender complex and impunity. It is really reprehensible for men to sink so low and do all these deplorable acts on me because I became a UN Diplomat. Such gender violence is an obstacle to global development and it shows to what extent the majority of Zambian men abuse women. However, in prosecuting Serious Crimes. We all know that appointing incompetent persons to decision making positions; OR giving arms to persons who irresponsibly abuse them against others; OR in the case of LAZ and ZIALE, arming persons with Legal Practising licences, who abuse such profession to harm and steal from others; Constitutes crimes against humanity. It is Organized crime against humanity and unprofessional to have more than 10 lawyers to mob me and manufacture vexatious suits, just because of my UN benefit entitlement. This also extends to immigration officials or whoever is assigned to receive and resettle the refugees and then corruptly or fraudulently sexually abuses them, or uses them as enterprises to commit crimes.

    The world must not look on as they ruin us and shatter our livelihoods like that. Zambia does not have the capacity to save strangers. Especially women. It must be reinforced with an international justice mechanism, to monitor and hold accountable those that have violated human rights.

    We know that Salil of Amnesty international was in Zambia and he noted some human rights abuses, and it cannot be denied, that incomplete persons have been appointed to decision making positions and some made illegal decisions. What more wouldn’t they do to harm and ruin us further. The dysfunction in Zambia ought to be accounted for appropriately, before they can be entrusted with saving strangers. Zambia needs humanitarian intervention to handle the refugee influx. Zambia needs to account for gross rights violations and abusing public resources to inflict crimes against humanity on others, and also to be trained in the so many skills they are lacking. Especially in integrity and professionalism. The world should not trust Zambia with looking after strangers when it has harmed and pillaged its own people.

    I even forgot about Zambia’s Independence Day, as I have been inflicted with inhuman and degrading acts related to colonialism. Why should they torture and enslave me just because I became a female Diplomat. Inhumanely depriving me of my belongings yet they were aggressively obstructing me with achieving my Masters degree and when I joined the UN,money embarrassed Zambia with their malice and envy, until I was told to tell them to stop contacting my supervisors, or they would face strong actions. I need President ECL and HH, to be taken to task by the AU. SADC, EU and the UN general Assembly about such derogatory gender violence. Gilbert Phiri and Makebi Zulu and his Advocates stole my vehicles and household goods with their full knowledge and they have failed to return or compensate my belongings to date. IG Kakoma Kanganja and his accomplices killed my daughter and he is illegally and inhumanly with holding my Zambia Police benefits and him and Nelson Phiri, Lusaka Police Commissioner provided the aggravated robbery that aggressively robbed me. How shameful. Even if they victimised me. I laughed out loudly to see the quality of men Zambia has. Very shameful and I call upon the world to condemn their barbaric acts. How can a woman call such men their husbands. Sexual violence is rife in Zambia and we need a fierce response like the way the UN and others helped Liberia to fight sexual violence, and more specifically the Liberian women fought hard against such abuse. Zambia needs to consult them and work hard at eradicating sexual violence and not aiding no betting illegality. Whether they like it or not, I already achieved my status no it cannot be extorted from me in a national state lacking jurisdiction in UN money and whatever they do must be criminally prosecuted and addressed by an International justice mechanism. Some women can be disappointing too. My word to them is that they should work hard for their belongings and I will not stop seeking justice for what is mine. I didn’t go to the UN to bring luxuries for those who cannot. Giving in to sexual abuse and exploitation is worse than being sexually abused and it constitutes corruption by sex and I will continue calling for their criminal prosecution and global condemnation. Female scamsters should work hard for their things and not envy and steal mine and think I will give them impunity. They cannot afford them and they cannot abuse state machinery to illegally deprive me of my belongings.

    Then I have just been reading news and a cop lip by the former President RB on commending the state for its efforts on fighting cancer. It is only people like him and others benefiting from such projects. Whilst others have been marginalised from accessing cancer screening, testing and treatment. We heard that he was a victim of cancer and it’s good to tell people about it. However, when the state is with holding our money, how do we access such facilities? Take me for instance, with the illegal with holding of my money, I cannot access the cancer screening and testing. If I get cancer or die of cancer during this period they are terrorising me, thy should be criminally prosecuted for causing my death. Zambia is for all of us, please don’t steal from us and restrict health facilities and other resources and services to yourselves only. I challenge the former President Mr. RB to come and take me through the cancer screening facilities he benefited from.

    Refugee Diplomat Victim
    October 28, 2017 at 4:13 pm

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