Zambia chasing wind: The case of political dialogue

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Lungu and HH

Edwin Sakala writes:

Talking about political dialogue or indeed any effort in Zambia to mend any national problem without addressing the root causes which are the “What’s in it for me sydrom” at all levels of society and a  collective attention towards reviving the dead spirit of nationalism and patriotism is useless, a waste of time, energy and resources.

Zambia will continue chasing the wind and its people on the racetrack towards extinction.

As it has happened in America where the indigenous Red Indian population is no longer a factor and in Australia where the indigenous Aboligines are completely out of the picture Zambians at the rate the country is going will be a under the rule of foreigners even in less than 50 years if the people concentrate on fighting,insulting and fault finding each other like stupid idiots instead of uniting to defend their independence.

Any meanful national Indaba should acknowledge the fact that Zambia has lost direction dangerously and its independence common dream and vision which are still enshrined in the National anthem it has lost over the years because of the self induced poverty which has planted a culture of extreme greed and selfishneas that is meanwhile destroying the values which served as a foundation stone of Zambia.

It is cynical for anybody to accuse or put blame on political leaders of corruption alone because this spirit permeate across all sections of society from the grassroots ,media, civil service and judiciary where civil servants including the police and courts have citizens using their positions in the system for self gain.
Zambia is a very rich nation but unfortunately the gap between the rich and poor is abnormally wide because of the culture of corruption which Zambians themselves have created because even the most ordinary voters in the village and citizen in townships have corrupted and commercialized politics and the whole system.
The Zambian society is drawn into believing that all that glitters is gold. They wrongly respect and call as major political parties which have alot of money to hire support and to corrupt them  with money , beer and material like T-shirts and chitenge.
The question Zambians fail to ask themselves is where the money being thrown around and dress every villager with chitenge is coming from.
Honest political leaders with progressive ideas who fail to impress them with hangout are sidelined  while the corrupt politicians who play the Father Christmas in campaigns once voted into office desert the voter to concentrate on recovering their money with interest.
In short some crooks and even Satanists have turned politics into a viable investment.
Worse still is the fact that even the future of Zambia is now in serious danger because some of the political parties shining brightly in Zambia are in reality saleouts funded by foreign multinational companies who want to gain access to the abundant raw materials in Zambia.
Unless Zambia adopted a system which can protect the sovereignty of Zambia from the current grip and jaws of foreign funded organisations which includes NGOS and political parties the future of Zambia is very blink.
Any dialogue is a waste of time, energy and resources because instead of the so called stakeholders discussing real issues like how how the widespead culture of corruption is destroying Zambia and how a few individuals have suddenly become filthly rich the so called dialogue will only end up a pickok show with every party trying to prove that they are better than the other.
As ZDDM we believe that the only solution to the current division and widespread corruption in Zambia is through the adoption of a Federal system of government.Let each province enjoy a semi autonomous status as this will give Zambians a chance to focus on real issues such as defending our land being sold like tugiligili to foreigners and creation of jobs for our youth.
As mentioned earlier on we can continue to watch a few corrupt public servants and organisations on foreign payroll calling shots while the majority poor are suffering and dying as if the country is at war.
Dialogue must include discussions on how stolen wealth can be returned to the people, how displine and morals can be restored in Zambia to arrest the primitive culture of fake news , insults on the social media and animal like immorality among the youth.
Zambia may need dialogue but it must be meanful because the widespread immorality and corruption adopted by the current lost generation is a danger to the future of Zambia.

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