MMD youth downplays PF Mangango victory

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A Youth Leader from the former ruling party, the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has poured cold water on the Patriotic Front’s victory in Mangango saying the PF has lost in their president’s bedroom.

Prince Ndoyi a former student leader turned politician said the loss by the UPND in Mangango was expected as the same happened in 2014 but that the PF losing in what should be President Lungu’s bedroom sends a silent message loudly.

He said the loss in Lusinde ward of Petauke sends a silent message to the PF that they should decode sooner rather than later.

He observes that the PF has lost a by election just weeks after the dismissal of MMD President Felix Mutati which could be a message from the members of their alliance partners who continued to help the PF despite not being happy with their conduct.

…”And in agreeing with PF youth protagonists like Munir Zulu, the loss in Petauke must never be taken lightly, and speaks salient volumes ahead of what is soon coming. The people are sending a message but it’s PF’s responsibility to decode the subtle message and the actions thereafter. But surely losing in Petauke is not only an insult but an embarrassment to President Lungu.

“The Patriotic Front has lost a by-election in Eastern province barely weeks after the dismissal of MMD President Felix Mutati. The blue province on the East which is highly an agricultural province and more particularly Petauke district and constituency are speaking to this years’ farming season and perhaps to the agriculture policies of our alliance partners,” he said.

He said the lies of the MPs from Eastern Province have been exposed as the incumbent has lost an election in his bedroom due to their insecurities about the alliance which they felt posed a danger to their continued stay in parliament if the MMD reorganized itself.

“The lies that continued to create suspicions and insecurities in the alliance between the MMD and PF have soon shown that lies have short legs. The incumbent has lost the election in his own bedroom,” he said.

He noted that the dismissal of their leader could have been the last straw for the members who continued to have hope in the fragile relationship.

“The children of Petauke have seen that the relationship between their father and mother is in reverse gear, and this is a tip of their reaction.

“MMD members have been unhappy with the conduct of the PF but some of them continued to help the PF because they believed that there is an alliance. Dismissing their president from government could have been the last straw,” he said.

Ndoyi further mocked the PF with a Nsenga parable “Ndeo yabene sibavulilapo jacket,” a parable that literally translates to “you cannot remove your jacket in a fight which isn’t yours.”

“With the card renewal launch the members have been given hope and see a leader that can bring life into the party so they decided to leave the battle for Patriotic Front, more especially for President Lungu, to gauge their muscle. “Ndeo yabene sibavulilapo jacket, is what MMD did in Petauke by elections,” he said.


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  1. You must be an IDIOT!!!Are you not allowing tribalism with such comments?
    Because President Lungu hails from eastern then it becomes his bedroom? Young man, if you have nothing to wafle, better you shut your beak. Your beak will make you suffocate if you don’t know. People vote according to their wish not on tribal lines as you are saying. Stop that rot.

    November 22, 2018 at 3:32 pm

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