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Comment: HH announcement of forming government next month

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HH addressing a press briefing at his house

HH addressing a press briefing at his house

By Luis Kasongo


POLITICS ARE VERY DANGEROUS AND SCARY. They can make a good person bad and a smart person dumb.


So HH held a briefing today, neither to build peace nor wish our country well, not to present new ideas or propose some progressive policies, not to  announce the way forward for him and his party but to emphasize his very  bad decision of rejecting the outcome of the election.


And according to HH, UPND will take over control of government next month (November) after “the courts” declare him winner and overturn the existing  outcome. Even him doesn’t believe that but he  says it anyway. HH also claims he is getting tremendous support from majority of Zambians who supposedly gave him a landslide victory which was subsequently and unfortunately stolen by the  PF .

This is the story we are going to hear from HH for next 5 years.


Between HH and Sata, I used to believe HH was smarter, factual and realistic. I stand corrected.


Whether the election was rigged or not, there is no way HH is going to be in state House next month. That is a very unrealistic thing to say.   The only way to state house is through the ballot. There is  no Ring road.  At this point even a newcomer like Chilufya Tayali seems like a better politician than HH. Chilufya Tayali might seem like a social media clown but he is very very realistic in what he says and does. Unlike HH who is behaving like someone who, after losing a loved one in the hospital, insults the doctor, calls them incompetent and starts administering medicine to the dead.


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