Nakachinda betrays Mutati

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Nakachinda (l) with Mutati

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) Faction National Secretary Mr. Raphael Nakachinda is said to have been behind the sacking of his boss Hon. Felix Mutati.

Raphael Nakachinda was today nominated by President Lungu to replace Hon. Felix Mutati as a Nominate Member of Parliament.

According to some PF insiders, Nakachinda is said to have been going behind the back of Hon. Mutati by reporting his boss to the PF, through Hon. Kampyongo.

“Nakachinda had been behind the dismissal of Mutati. He had been playing double standards in the sense that whatever plans Mutati could tell him in confidence, he would then meet PF agents in the evenings at Intercontinental Hotel and brief them”, they said.

They further said that Mutati had been warned about him but he decided to ignore. “We warned Ba Mutati about Nakachinda. We reminded him on several occasions about how he betrayed Dr. Nevers Mumba. Ba Nevers kept Nakachinda when he was nothing. He brought him into the MMD and made what he is. And how did Nakachinda say thank you? He stabbed Ba Nevers In the back”, they said.

And Sources close to Mutati said that he was shocked to hear that he had accepted the position. “When Ba Mutati was told that President Lungu had replaced him with Nakachinda. He was shocked that President Lungu could approach Nakachinda and that Nakachinda could have the audacity to accept it”, they said.

And Some National Executive Committee (NEC) members of the MMD are shocked that Nakachinda has accepted to replace Mutati. “What Nakachinda has done by accepting to replace our Party President Ba Mutati is an insult of the highest order. How can you claim loyalty to you boss but you agree to replace him from his dismissed job”, they said.

They further said that if Nakachinda loved the MMD, he would have declined the position. “Nakachinda has no morals neither does he love our Party. How can he accept to serve the PF, just when yesterday he was insulting them that they are finished. If he had morals, he would have declined and told President Lungu that he is organizing the MMD. If you remember when PF formed Government, Ba Sata approached the then PF SG Ba Wynter kabimba that he wanted him to be a Minister, but Wynter declined and told him that he was mobilizing the Party”, they said.


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