Mutati in the dark over 2021 elections

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Felix Mutati

Leader of the opposition MMD faction Felix Mutati Sunday evening said he doesn’t know whether he will contest the 2021 elections.

Featuring on a Diamond Television programme, Mutati said the MMD will decide whether to contest the elections or back the Patriotic Front (PF).
Mutati said his MMD is in a pact with the PF and that his role now is to support President Edgar Lungu’s government.
Responding to a caller who told him that he is behind the failing economy the country has find itself as former Minister of Finance, Mutati said one Minister could not be blamed. He said the failures and success of the government was collective.
On the allegations that MMD which was kicked out office had hijacked the PF, Mutati said President Lungu was in total control of government and the country. He said the economy was doing well with a Growth Domestic Product (GDP) of 4% in 2018 adding that Zambia was on the right path.
On the over taxed citizens by the PF government an effort to finance its debt and operations, Mutati could not give a satisfactory response.
Muati has been moved from Finance to Works Supply which is a junior Ministry in what is seen as a demotion. He is a nominated Member of Parliament who serves at the mercy of President Lungu.
Recently the Supreme Court threw out his appeal against the High Court that ruled that Dr. Nevers Mumba is the dully elected legal president of MMD.
The Mutati faction is trying to now challenge this verdict in the Constitutional Court.

3 Responses to Mutati in the dark over 2021 elections

  1. Yes but how many MMD’s are registered in Zambia???, you are saying your MMD and then their is the legal MMD

    May 14, 2018 at 12:40 pm

    • Ba Zambian Eye.Please Mutati has nothing to challenge in the ConCourt.The question the RB/MUTATI Group have tried to avoid since is the legality and validity of their convention where they elected themselves as leaders.No one is in contention with the Party constitution

      The Polical Analyst
      May 14, 2018 at 10:23 pm

      • Actually Mutati has been sustained by such reporting like you Zambian Eye.This Mutati was just the RB Project to distabilize the MMD,that’s so to support ECL on wako ni wako tribal basis.They don’t have any legal basis to support them.Why go to ConCourt before they settle their illegal convention challenge in High Court.The new constitution that came into effect did not annul the respective parties’ internal constitutions in the way they conduct their internal politics/elections.The outgoing NEC has a legal mandate to set the next party convention date and preparations,but the Mutati group ignored this and did a coup deta’

        The Polical Analyst
        May 14, 2018 at 10:37 pm

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