Mutati responds to court ruling, says his MMD presidency is drawn from members

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Felix Mutati at the MMD Secretariat

In what is seen as a reaction from the court ruling that has upheld Nevers Mumba as MMD president, Felix Mutati who heads another faction has vowed that he will remain the leader of the party saying he draws his leadership from members.

The Supreme Court last week throughout Mutati’s appeal against the High Court that ruled that Dr Mumba is the legally elected president of MMD.

The Mutati faction now wants to seek the Constitutional Court interpretation on the matter.

Mutati now says according to the story below issued by his team that he only follow what his members want. What about the law? The courts?

MMD President Felix Mutati says he will not abandon the party because he draws his mandate from the membership who voted for him at the last convention in Kabwe.

Speaking during a meeting with party officials from Lusaka Province on Saturday at MMD secretariat in kabulonga, Mutati said he would not be leader of the party if the membership did not want him and that he will continue to save as the party president as long as the membership approved of his leadership.

He said a lot things had happened and had been said about the MMD since he was elected president of the party with some stakeholders suggesting that the party leadership was compromised but that people should not mistake his silence for weakness and use it to insinuate that the party was dead because the MMD can not and will not die.

“For as long as democracy exists, the MMD will survive. Unlike other political parties we have continued to show the nation that we are not a one man party and that we are indeed the mother of democracy, my election as MMD president is a clear indication that we have upheld our core values as a party which is the introduction and the practice of democracy.

“I wouldn’t be in parliament neither would I be in cabinet without you, unlike what you’re being told by those that wish us bad, those that hope to see us fail that the alliance is between me and H.E Edgar Lungu, no, the alliance is between the MMD and the Patriotic Front, Felix Mutati as an individual is nothing without you his people, you sent me into this alliance to represent you and I will continue to do so for as long as you say I should,” he said.

He also said MMD cannot die because it is party with vast membership across the country adding that the party will not be excited with politicking because as the mother of democracy the party membership knows when and how to do their work.

Meanwhile Lusaka Province Chairperson Donald Chilufya assured Mutati that the province was intact and solidly behind his leadership.

He said no distractive elements will be entertained as the province has continued quietly mobilising the party structures to ensure that the party is well oiled to participate in elections.

The provincial officials further castigated their former leader Dr Nevers Mumba who continues to bring confusions in the party with what he described as pure malice and lies.

He said it was really sad that Dr Mumba continues to lie that his is the president when he knows that he is not and that the former party leader should realise that the mandate to be president is drewn from the membership and not the courts.

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