3rd LM to start distribution of Tonga-branded pens, pencils, rulers in schools

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FILE: Pupils show off PF-branded books donated by the ruling party recently

In the wake of the ruling PF’s highly controversial move to distribute branded books to schools, the opposition Third Liberation Movement (3rd LM) has announced its intention to start distributing pens, pencils and rulers engraved with the portrait of its president, Enock Tonga, to schools across the country.

Tonga has told the media in a statement that the move is a practical step towards curbing high illiteracy levels in Zambia.

He says learners do not just need free books to learn effectively, but also need the Tonga-branded pens, pencils and rulers.

Tonga notes that school going children are more focused in class when all basic school equipment is readily available.

“In view of high illiteracy levels amongst our brothers and sisters in our communities deliberately maintained by self-centered politicians for less than half a century …, 3rd Liberation Movement is happy to announce its decision to start distributing special pens, pencils and rulers in schools with the portrait of the next president of the republic of Zambia Mr Enock Roosevelt Tonga (ERT),” the incoming president announced.

The 3rd LM president has further announced that most schools across the country will start receiving the Tonga-branded material soon.


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