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Hakainde Hichilema’s 12 lies

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12 Chiundu Chaitwa lies of Church Elder HH and why Zambians must pray for his deliverance during these Easter Celebrations
By Dr. Chris Zumani Zimba
Any SDA church elder or Christian who tells lies almost in every important discussion has a big spiritual problem and needs special prayers for deliverance. Yes, HH needs urgent prayers for deliverance during this Easter holiday because Bally has a dual lifestyle- he is a terrible addicted liar on one hand and an anointed SDA church elder on the other hand.
Below, l have picked only 12 Chiundu Chaitwa lies of church elder HH and why Zambian Christians must commit him into deliverance prayers during this holy Easter period:
1. In Nigeria, there is one Alick Dangote, the richest man with known and visible businesses. In the US, the top five riches billionaires of 2024 are Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Warren Buffett: all with known and visible businesses. In Zambia, we have HH who has repeatedly lied to the world that he is among the wealthiest Zambians. But what is shocking is that, most Zambians don’t know HH’s companies apart from his livestock farm in Namwala. In fact, HH has repeatedly refused to declare his wealth as per law for fear of being exposed. So, lying HH has been lying about his wealth.
2. “The 2024 drought is the worst in Zambia since 100 years ago”, HH lied on CNN interview last month. This is a shameful lie HH told the world. The truth is that, Zambia has a history of major droughts before 2021 and under every past presidents before HH himself. Keneth Kaunda faved it 1987/88 and 1991/92, FTJ Chiluba faced it in 1994/95 and 1997/98, Levy Mwanawasa faced it in 2001/03 and 2004/05, Rupiah Banda and Micheal Sata faced in 2011/12, and Edgar Lungu faced it in 2015/16 and 2018/2019. Where did HH get the lie of facing the worst drought since 100years? 100 means since 1924 when Kenneth Kaunda was born in what was then Northern Rhodesia.
3. When CNN reporters were introducing President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) fir the interview, they said and repeated that “in the last two months (January and February), there hasn’t been a single drop of rains in Zambia”. Instead of guiding them with truth, HH validated the lies and added more of his own lies about no rains in Zambia. In his usual lies, HH created the worst desert scenario where no clouds or rain drops for January and February, 2024. It’s not true at all! On 24th, February, 2024 when HH was Guest of Honour in Chipata during the Ngoni Ncwala Ceremony, it was raining heavily and Bally was soaked. But HH chose to lie because he is a liar and it is normal for him to tell lies.
4. On that CNN interview, President HH again lied that the current long hours of load shedding by ZESCO is as a result of the 2024 drought. This is heartbreaking for the dignity of our motherland. Currently, Zambia has enough water and electricity to supply every citizen with surplus power remaining. HH knows very well that Zambians are being punished with 8 to 10 hours heavy darkness of load shedding because he is the one selling and exporting electricity to Zimbabwe, South Africa, DR Congo, etc to make up on national revenue and foreign savings. But he chose to lie.
5. The truth remains that PF and Lungu ended load shedding in Zambia as we have enough electricity for our citizens even under such droughts especially this time around. But our lying President and SDA church elder just decided to deceive the world about power shortage in Zambia even when he knows that, this heavy darkness of load shedding across our nation has little or nothing to do with the 2024 drought. If he stopped exporting power today, Zambia will not have load shedding today for now. As per his standard practice, Bally deliberately lied on CNN about the cause of load shedding because telling lies is the simplest and easiest thing for HH to do in life.
6. In June 2022, HH lied before the floor of the European Union Parliament that Zambia is back in the Champions League. The truth is, Zambia has never been in the Champions League-it has never been a developed state like Norway, UK, Germany or Japan. In fact, HH has relegated Zambia from the so called Champions League left by PF’s Edgar Lungu to an Amateur League in terms of cost of living and has imposed a UPND government made starvation, hunger, poverty, alcohol dependency and load shedding among citizens.
7. In opposition, HH constantly condemned Lungu for traveling abroad and nicknamed him as “Kamwendo Munjila “ ( someone who always travels). In less than three years, HH has become the most travelled Republican President since independence and likely to surpass all the foreign trips of past six presidents combined in five years. Therefore, Bally lied and Bally is still lying about traveling abroad.
8. During the campaigns, HH promised Zambians that he will sale the Presidential Gulf Stream Jet upon taking office because it is a signature of grand corruption. To date, the presidential gulf jet is not only available for presidential flights, but is also actively being used covertly by state house under the noise of president HH. Lies define HH and HH is defined by lies.
9. This Bally has repeatedly been lying to Zambians and the international community that Lungu wanted to kill him over his treason case in 2017 as he was put on death row. These are lies after lies before the world from Community House. Look, these are equally usual and typical “Chiundu Chaitwa lies” of HH because Bally never appeared before any High Court judge nor sentenced to life imprisonment or death penalty by anyone in Zambia at any given time. As expected, these are just naked lies of HH as per his deceptive tongue.
10. In 2019, HH openly lied to Zambians that he had secured U$25.8 billion dollars investment pledges in U.S. Washington that would come into Zambia within six months of UPND forming government. Close to three years now, HH has been fighting to win the attention of IMF in order to receive a U$1.6 billion dollars loan. Today, HH is begging the international community for grants and donations. Close to three years now, Zambians have never seen billions of dollars HH promised will rain in the country upon him being elected into power. Empirically, the U$25.8 was HH’s usual lies which only existed in his lying head and nowhere else.
11. Bally used to condemn Lungu that he was exploiting our farmers by giving them 2 to 3 bags of fertilizer plus crop seeds per year. HH promised that his government would be giving farmers 8 bags of fertilizer each . This what made most farmers vote for HH in huge numbers countrywide. Today, HH’s government has repeatedly made 5 to 10 farmers to share one or two bags of fertilizer in form of “MEDAS”. Bally has moved Zambia from being food secure to being a food begging state. Today, over 6 million Zambians are smiling starvation, hunger and death from food crisis since Bally sold more than 1.5 million metric tons of FRA reserves in 2022.
12. HH boasted on “Bally will fix it” by promising “a heaven on earth life for Zambians”. Below, l have listed the price of basic commodities and services as of August 2021 under Lungu as follows: 25 kg mealie meal was at K90 to 130, 50 kg of fertilizer at K560, 50 kg cement at K80, fuel at K15 per liter, bus fair from Chipata to Lusaka at K260,000, bus fair from Chelston to Lusaka City Market at K10, 2kg sugar at K28, 1 kg pork was K56, 1 kg beef was K42,2 liters of cooking oil at K55 and so on. Today, all these prices have worsened, doubled and in some cases tripped.
The aforementioned are just random examples of multiple lies of HH before us. Therefore, as we celebrate Easter to remember the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we must not forget to put our president in prayers for God to deliver him from lies (BOZA, UBUFI). While we acknowledge that we are all sinners and have fallen short before God, we also agree that the SDA church elder called Bally in State House needs more special attention because of his addiction to lies, manipulation and falsehood. Remember, Zambia is a Christian Nation and our president must not be an addicted liar and gifted deceiver. Let’s pray for HH’s deliverance from BOZA-lies!
About The Author
Dr Chris ZUMANI Zimba is a Political Scientist, Researcher, Author & Consultant specialized in Comparative Global Governance and Democratic Theories. He holds a PhD, MA, BA and Cert in Political Science. Zimba was President Lungu’s Political Advisor from December 2019 to August 2021. By philosophical approach, Dr. Zimba is a Pan Africanist as well as Afro-Christian by religion.

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