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Say a prayer for HH

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Hakainde Hichilema

Bane, as you go to sleep this evening, spare your few minutes and say a prayer for Hakainde Hichilema. Pray for him. He needs it. Commit him in the hands of God. Pray that God can show him the way, and give him wisdom to make the right decision.

Today, chancers and opportunists of all types and hue, have joined and are cycling around him, trying to make a killing for themselves. They have smelt victory, and are whispering sweet nonsense in his ears. They are cheating him that they have political clout to make him win. But deep down their sleek hearts, they are trying to make themselves win. It’s the people of Zambia who will make HH President.

If these opportunists and chancers had the capacity and political clout to make anyone President, they wouldn’t be anywhere near HH. They would make themselves Presidents. But they have no political capital to give him, apart from peddling their tribes and nice political language. They are using unsuspecting UPND members to do their bidding.

Being a leader in Zambian today is risky business. Every time chancers and opportunists smell your victory, they come running to claim a piece of the pie. May God guide HH to pay attention to what truly matters, and never lose sight of the ball.
By Yona Musukwa.


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