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Can we entrust HH with the Presidency?

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By Mwaba Mutale


We do acknowledge there are lots of external factors affecting the free fall of the kwacha, but honestly how on Earth can we be ranked THE WORST PERFORMING CURRENCY!!! Not worse is SubSahara or Africa, bantu bandi the WORST IN THE WORLD…Beating countries at war, like Congo, Central African Republic, beating countries affected by terrorism like Iraq and Afghanistan, beating even poor countries in south America fighting drugs like Guatemala, Haiti and the rest…


I think it’s time we came to terms that something somewhere is amiss…Yes the PF has done fantastic with roads, clearly no doubt about that, and they deserve a pat on the back. But when it comes to understanding world economics and responding to global issues, awe abantu besu naibakoselako…


So maybe they should conclude the road projects well and say “thus far we can go” and let others take over…


We are slowly watching our country disintegrate while we pay a blind eye to serious economic mismanagement and lack of proper counter measures to address the looming crisis all in the name of loyalty to the PF…


True Michael Sata alichi pondo but awe bantu bandi, chipalile kwati abana bakwe job naibakulila…they have failed to fit in their fathers shoes…


Maybe it’s time to considers others, after all bonse tuli bena Zambia and we all want What’s best for ichalo chesu….


Maybe it’s time to reconsider…..


What do you think????


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