UPND without HH and HH without UPND

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HH waves at supporters

HH waves at supporters

By Mwiche Sikanjebela


Axis of party issues


UPND without HH and HH without UPND, is an axis of party issues responsible for electoral defeats all these years.


A separation is expediently necessary in order to break up HH personal issues with UPND party aspirations.


Many could be wondering why UPND has had difficulties in winning elections falling in 2006,2011,2015 and 2016.


HH has the biggest problem of not humbling himself before Zambians for participating in that Africa’s record breaking corrupt privatisation.


HH should have apologised and soberly asked for forgiveness and our good people would have heard him.


Like many of us,HH hailed from the village and from peasantry parents.


Our traditions,cultures and religions teach us not to steal.


Again HH like many of us,

from the village, he went to university to learn how to overcome societal challenges and help people come out of poverty.


Unfortunately when he graduated, he fell prey to corrupt corporate business interests and opted, as business as usual,to participate in that still questionable privatisation process.


Zambian people were swindled of their one and only economic power base. And Zambia has never recovered socially and economically from that theft.


Zambia dubiously lost companies which UNIP government created to absorb the young people graduating at differrent levels from school,tertiary institutions,colleges and universities.


We wouldn’t have these levels of unemployed young generation if those companies were prudently handled.


Companies and hard cash were looted like there were no owners.


That corrupt privatisation dumped 86% of Zambians into perpetual poverty.


People massively lost jobs and left without income.


Our people in order to make ends meet, resorted to petty and embarrassing business ventures.


Their children became victims of crime and social vices.


The young people in their prime age,found themselves either in jail or hospitals.


Our people died and buried due to harsh effects of the same corrupt privatisation.


Zambians are good people. They can forgive but can’t forget.  The wounds are still fresh.


Today HH, with his campaign manager Dipak Patel,a former Canadian citizen, who became our  minister of commerce,trade and industry when that corrupt privatisation started,through a good party UPND, can go to the same families in their extended relationships to ask for votes and be president of Zambia? My foot, where is God and justice?


Once beaten,twice shy. Zambian people are cautious and scared of business opportunists/auctioneers interacting with HH in UPND.


These are hungry lions and she-lions with appetite to eat and amass anything available to themselves,friends and family members while 86% poor Zambians are helplessly and hopelessly watching.


Our people fear for their remaining parastatal companies that they will all be personalised including Zambian Revenue Authority.


So UPND the earlier you do the inevitable separation, the better the prospects for your party future elections.


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