My View: Why HH keep losing elections (Part 2)

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Chanoda Nwira

Chanoda Nwira

By Chanoda Ngwira

Hello readers of my column, manay thanks for the responses I received in my previous article about Why HH keeps on losing eections. Good or bad, I need such feed back, it helps me have a feel of what content you my readers feel is the best for your consumption. Today, I continue with reasons why HH keeps on losing elections, actually am finishing all today.

(1) Tribal tag

Friends, like it or not, Hakainde and the UPND in general are believed to be tribal, and this tribal tag has been with the party for quite sometime now, I can safely say, after HH took over, UPND has been seen to be a tribal party which belongs to the Tongas and not any other tribe. I say so beacause at the time HH was taking over the reigns of power in UPND, there where remarks from senior officials of the party that UPND belonged to the Tongas and only a Tonga can take after Anderson Kambela Mazoka. This was a serious statement and it from that angle that UPND started facing challenges of penetrating into the reigns of this nation.

Unfortunately, not enough has been done to correct this scenario especially from the top leadership. People of Zambia still feel UPND and HH are tribalists of the waste kind and if they are to be voted into office, only a selected section of tribe will be in governance positions, and this is a serious blow on the party and it’s leader.

File: HH arriving in Solwezi

File: HH arriving in Solwezi

I know HH and the UPND have tried to have an inclussion of the likes of Richard Kapita, Canicious Banda and Mutale Nalumango, to me, this is not enough, it can not help to sort out anything especialy when we have situations where the Munkombwes of this world can never be strongly condemned by HH himself after issuing statements that boardered on tribe.. Yes, Edwin Lifwekelo and Depak Patel condemened it, but that was not enough, it is not even enough at all, HH needed to address this issue himself.

(2) HH has over stayed his usefullness

Lastly, Hakainde has over stayed, he is no longer usefull politically. It is dangerous for a party like UPND to be led by one leader for a long time, it shows that they are short of individuals who can lead the party. And since UPND seem to be stuck with HH alone, it has made him big headed to a point where he feels he is the only one, he feels so special and more important than others. In politics, you do not need that and if he keeps standing, he will never win.

Many reasons are on the table, but I do not want to look like am against Hakainde, I will end here for now. Next week, we look at a different article all together.

Stay blessed and it is ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION

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