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“You told Mongu that you are closer to taking over State House”

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HH at the Woodlands police station after being arrested

By Javan Kamanga

You are preaching taking over State House, you say ECL is an illegal President while you say you are the genuine one, then you refuse to give way to a Presidential motorcade, then you want to be invited to answer to a Police Callout, you must be a serious joker.

On top of that you tell people in Mongu that you are closer to taking over State House, you must be ready to face the full force of the law.

My dear Chipenzi McDonald, whatever has befallen you must be a serious cancer that is stopping you from the MC I used to know then. Heki Heki is lucky they had to wait that long to smoke him out of his tunnel.

The motorcade issue is the cherry on top of the cake. This man analakwa kudala. I am sure even the 57 MPs, with all their ranting, saying they could not sit and allow someone they don’t recognize as President, are now realising that the law is above everyone.

Back to the raiding issue, war mongers, chaos plotters, those who want to turn this country into a lawless nation will be raided nepo balila, nepo basendama to make sure they realise their wrongs.

As for America, if Hillary Clinton had done what HH did, today we would be talking about something else. We are a sovereign nation and America will not interfere.

HH is lucky it wasn’t some of the Presidents we’ve had in the past. ECL has a heart for the people. Let’s defend the Constitution, let’s defend the Presidency and let’s defend Mother Zambia. HH brought this on himself. He made the bed, let him lie in it now. Kwamana!


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