Edgar Lungu – Shred political strategies and tactics!

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President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has officially closed the Patriotic Front’s General Conference and reappointed Hon. Davies Mwila as Patriotic Front Secretary General.

Firstly, I always tell my comrades that when big people are playing chidunu, sojo or kalambe, watch and learn. It doesn’t matter whether you like them or not, whether you agree with them or not, watch and learn.

Secondly, if you look at the events at the conference and the names of the new PF MCC members, you see the political shrewdness of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, that he is fully in charge and is already planning beyond 2026. (I will return to this point later in more detailed article).

At first glance, President Lungu gives an impression of a humble and weak politician, until you pay attention to his highly calculated political moves and outcomes, then you shockingly discover that he is highly sophisticated and a calculating political operative, a political machiavelllian. You never see him coming, always standing afar, with a big whip, controlling the political chessboard and the narratives around it, never on the crime scene or making his hands unnecessarily dirty.

His strength is in being in charge of himself, never showing emotions, and talking less, always using others to do his bidding, without showing his political hand.
Before the convention, we heard a lot of stories; “He is not in charge,” “This and that are not happy”, “PF will be divided after the conference”, “Luapula united is coming”, “KBF this and that.” He defeated them without even uttering a word. When he said; “I carry a big stick,” He meant what he said.

The convention came, no sign of anything, not even a whisper or murmur of Luapula united or KBF, everyone was shouting; “Lungu! Lungu!”
He is fully in charge and in control. He makes himself appear small, making everyone happy to work for him. Even those who left, calling him incompetent and corrupt are getting back in their numbers, with screaming headlines; “Lungu 2021 and beyond”. He has humbled them because they lack emotional intelligence, he did operation koswe on them – biting nokuputilila.

President Lungu has gone further and built a very effective election machinery around him, efficient and proactive. It should be very hard and difficult for any political party to mobilise under these very difficult times; high unemployment, high poverty levels, rampant corruption, high cost of living, etc. But despite all these problems, PF is still in a better position with the voters due to its political shrewdness.

The PF Secretariat, run by Hon. Davies Mwila, and deputized by Hon. Mumbi Phiri is effective and efficient and on 24hrs political alert. They have built committees and always recruiting members to help with party mobilisation. Their media team is lethal, if not deadly, always alert and extremely sharp, controlling the narrative in our political space. They take no prisoners and make you work for your money.

And President Lungu is already ahead thinking about 2026 as PF President. That is the task for the new MCC. If he happens to win the 2021 General Elections, he will immediately embark on and set things in motion for 2026 general elections. You are likely to see things like Bill 11, Bill 12 etc. That is President Lungu for you, an underrated political war general who is always calculating and moving pieces on the chessboard far ahead of his political opponents.
You have to be ballot box clever to defeat him, that is, if you are even luck to get to the ballot box without him mounting several roadblocks to derail you.

We watch and learn!
By Yona Musukwa


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