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Voting underway in Mufumbwe

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Voting is underway in Mufumbwe constituency in North Western province.

Some polling stations visited especially those near the Boma opened at 6am local time and quite long queues were forming outside the polling stations.

Monitors say the turn out so far in polling stations near the Boma were impressive. By-elections normally records poor turn out. Mufumbwe has over twenty thousand registered voters.

Unlike the previous by-election this one has had free incidence of violence leading to the poll.

President Michael Sata has warned that if the people vote for the opposition his government will not take development to Mufumbwe.

The seat is being contested Stephen Masumba of Patriotic Front (PF), Stafford Mulusa of the former ruling party MMD,  and Steven Kamwengo is standing on UNIP another former ruling party.

But the contest is between PF and MMD.

The final results are expected to be announced by mid morning on Friday by Electoral Commission of Zambia. Zambian Eye will however gives update as results start trooping in later tonight.



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