Stop being extravagant with Chinese loans, PF Government told

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Outspoken young politician Prince Ndoyi has hit out at the Patriotic Front (PF) government for choosing to modernise a conference facility at the expense of more pressing infrastructure such as student hostels.

In a highly charged statement, Ndoyi, who is a former student union leader, likened the PF government’s lack of priorities to a groom who borrows money from a bank to spend lavishly on a wedding only to go to an empty home after the wedding ceremony saying even when the loan is interest free, it still remains debt which would be poured into yet another bottomless pit.

Ndoyi admonished the PF government whom he said should not use debt money to show off to their fellow African leaders coming from poverty stricken African nations by beautifying a conference facility for a four days summit

“I am of the strong considered view that Mulungushi International Conference Center is good enough to host any summit bearing in mind our economic challenges. As a country we cannot pretend among fellow African leaders facing similar financial and economic challenges, for some even worse than us, by recklessly spending debt monies only to satisfy an appearance.

“If by assessment Mulungushi Conference Center requires urgent renovations to host the summit, government can either forgo the hosting of this summit inturn saving us from this unnecessary expenditure. Or government can instead save its revenue monies over a period of time, since the summit will only be held in 2022 and time is on our side,” he said.

He wondered how hosting a conference for 4days would help improve the livelihood of poor Zambians adding that 30million Dollars was too big an amount to spend on beautifying a conference facility which would remain a white elephant once the delegates are gone.

“The truth of the matter is that we have a broke government, and spending that much in addition to many other expenditures in a bid to host the summit, is somewhat a misplaced priority. Is It worth it? Of what benefit and advantage of hosting such high profile summit is it to the Zambian people?

“Our almost immediate reaction, is an ernest appeal to our listening government to instead redirect the 30Million USD Loan to modernise Mulungushi Conference Center, towards reducing the never ending accommodation crises at all our public learning institutions. 30 million US dollars is too colossal an amount to be poured into an infrastructure which a fortnight later after the event will be turned into a WHITE ELEPHANT like many other govt conferencing facilities,” he said.

He called on President Lungu to consider redirecting the loan to more sustainable and pressing needs of the country.

He advised government to come up with an infrastructure priority list which would guide ministers as they travel to seek development aid.

“Going forward govt must deliberately decide to identify priority areas for development financing which must include food production, hospitals, schools, water and sanitation and roads. Government should re-prioritized its spending plans for the 2018 to 2021 Medium Expenditure Framework to concentrate on a few important infrastructure.

“Government should develop an Infrastructure Priority List like it is done in many other countries, listing prioritised nationally significant investments to help guide our ministers as they travel to seek development aid, to avoid shooting at an empty sky. This will equally provide the much needed guidance on specific infrastructure investments that will underpin Zambia’s continued prosperity, to avoid appearing haphazard in our development approach,” he said.

Further Ndoyi made a clarion call on young people to see the bigger picture, as the debt which is being contracted will be a burden to the young people, as some these old politicians wont live long enough to pay these debts.

“In closing I want to say that as a young person, I have elected to throw up my hands in despair when decisions to do with debts contracted on our behalf, which are future liabilities most likely to be repaid by ourselves, appear not to be properly and prudently applied. And I call upon my fellow young people to do the same, to rise above all manner of partisan persuasion but to instead see the bigger picture. This is a debt burden to be carried by us, therefore its equally our duty to advise appropriately.”

Ndoyi’s comment comes in the wake of PF governments’ announcement through President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, that government has contracted an interest free debt to a tune of US30million from China to modernise Mulungushi International Conference Center in readiness for hosting the 2022 AU Heads of State summit.

Mulungushi International Conference Center will add to a list of government infrastructure which has received debt monies whose benefits have not materialised for the Zambians. These include ZESCO, Zambia Railways among others who are recipient of debt monies gotten from the Euro Bonds.


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  1. I am surprised at the total silence on this. Jesus Zambians! Wake the f*^% up!
    These people are stealing your hard earned money for stupid, frivolous projects and skimming off of it. YOUR money is what is they use to finance debts. Then you collectively starve and die from minor illnesses because the Government supposedly doesn’t have money for basic services or to pay salaries.
    But you all sit by like passive fools waiting for God to save your dumb asses. Christian idiots.

    September 11, 2018 at 11:37 am

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