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Comment: Lungu is a clueless hyena says HH

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HH with Lungu

By Maurice Makulu

When a leader resorts to insults to communicate!
In psychology they teach you that before man harms another, he first dehumanises him.
He calls him names… mad, barbaric, infidel, ngwele, son of a bitch, animal, cockroach, we mbwa we, etc.
The more venom (disrespect) in the name, or the more insulting or dehumanizing the label, the more ready and immediate he is to cause harm.
Before even concourt made its ruling, I called for dialogue between ECL and HH.
I lamented how the bad blood between these two people is dangerous and contagious for their followers… endangering the security and stability of our country.
I specifically asked President Lungu to take the initiative and reach out to HH…
Condemning HH for making the country ungovernable (if that’s even possible) is very bad leadership from the President.
Attending funerals of political violence victims whose lives you could have saved as a leader is disservice to the people you lead.
But I guess HH has been given a label… “that one who does not recognize me.” So what? Did you swear to HH or the constitution!!?
And for HH… I don’t meet clueless hyenas. I am the wisest and most intelligent… well, why does not that intelligence help you wait for your turn?!
And they both call themselves leaders with interest of the country at heart.
God help us in 2021. The signs don’t look good.

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