PF was originally registered as MMD-PF

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Shalala O Sipeso writes:

PF was originally registered as MMD-PF but the Registrar of societies refused saying it was too close to MMD; hence the shortened PF. PF was inspired by Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF hence the alliance between the two parties and also the clenched fist ✊🏾 salute as party symbol.

Edwin Lifwekelo

In 2001, Edwin Lifwekelo was commissioned by the late Michael Chilufya Sata to register the Patriotic Front Party of Zambia.

Chiluba, knowing that Sata was his minister without portfolio based at Kwacha House third floor (with Sebastian Kopulande as his PS) and his right hand man, was non-the wiser and thought that King Cobra would stay on and back the third term bid for the charismatic and eloquent orator and self-proclaimed ‘political engineer’. When MMD realized who was behind PF, it’s cadres – the likes of Scorpio Kadobi, Esther Nakawala and others – started scouring the whole of Lusaka to left Lifwekelo by air. The safest place to hide was UNZA.

UNZASU leaders of 2000-2001 risked their bursaries and futures by accommodating Lifwekelo and feeding him for about two weeks. By that time the members of PF were less than 20 mostly from UNZA. UNZA students can basically be said to have registered PF and kept it safe for Sata. One of those student leaders who ensured PF took off and hence is one of the real founders of PF is Levy Museteka. I always say we need to document our political history and honor the real doers. The young man Museteka, who is non-partisa, can easily be forgotten alongside his friends of then.

Muleishiba utuntu!

PICTURE: ZANU-PF wearing regalia identical to PF’s “Powered by ECL” paraphernalia.


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