Runaway UPND candidate for Kasenengwa joins PF

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Dr Faustina Banda

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Dr Faustin Banda, the UPND runway candidate for the vacant Kasenengwa seat has defected to the ruling PF.

Dr Banda made the announcement in Kasenengwa today and has since joined the campaign team for PF candidate Sensio Banda.

On Thursday, Dr Banda caused the country’s largest opposition party major embarrassment when he bolted with money and campaign materials on nomination day, just hours after being announced as the party’s candidate.

The UPND eventually failed to field a candidate in the by-election as they could not find a replacement in time.

Dr Banda later resurfaced and claimed in an interview with the Daily Nation newspaper that family pressure had prevented him from participating in the election.

He explained that his family had threatened to disown him if he went ahead and ran on the UPND ticket. Dr Banda however maintained that he was still a member of the opposition party.

He also denied allegations that he had run away with campaign funds.

Yesterday, UPND Chairman for Elections Garry Nkombo officially reported, Dr  Banda to police for obtaining money and election materials by false pretences.


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