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Political violence and PF Police brutality

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FB_IMG_1467993887999By Holyfield Mumba

Today I take a moment to reflect on the sudden death of one innocent UPND youth MAPENZI CHIBULO,the teenager who has been shot dead by PF Police though police deny ever using live ammunition today in Chawama to disperse UPND members who where on their way to attending the rally.My question is who shot her then?If not the police then who? Could it be PF cadres clad in police uniform? Could it be the 400 reported armed PF cadres camped at a named Lodge along Kafue Road? If its not the PF police killing then its PF cadres attacking and killing innocent citizens.

Just as I am with life this moment, so was my dear innocent sister. She never knew that today was her last on mother Earth. The only crime she committed was being a member of UPND. So today is gone and her lifeless body lies at the UTH Mortuary, just in the blink of an eye and she is no more, Monga Boza Zoona (as if its a lie).

ParentsMay I take this opportunity to appeal to Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is the commander in chief of the armed forces to kindly rise to the occasion and act the man he is. Imagine if the lady shot at today was TASILA LUNGU or indeed any of his own children, how would he feel as a parent? Imagine how the parents to this young lady are feeling this moment.

Edgar Lungu must show responsibility and protect the people he swore to respect and protect their lives at all costs via the Constitution. Enough is enough, how many more lives will PF take to the grave before 11 August? Must all UPND members get killed before election day? Could it be that’s the PF plan to kill all UPND supporter before poll day via the use of PF police and PF cadres? The blood of all innocent Zambians being lost is in PF hands and this I can assure you GOD is watching and will make all those involved pay heavily.

We say everyday is for the thief, but just one day is for the owner. PF your time of reckon is nearing, repent or get punished heavily for your evil.


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