Separation or manipulation of powers

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Supreme court

It’s apparent that in Zambia we a have no separation of powers, we just have manipulation of powers. The government which comprises of parliament, judiciary and executive is clearly saving the same people and for the same interests. And they are doing it not with undereducated people but using learned lawyers, professional, experts, doctors and professors. Even though the constitution has defects, the major problem is that ethics and morality is a virtue that our leaders are lacking.

The system is now being manipulated and positioned to serve the interest of the rascals in PF who want to hang on to power by all means. The system is administering injustice through nolle prosequi, needless delays, flip flopping and ineffective judicial disciplinary process. The Con court which is supposed to clear up constitutional issues has now become a bottleneck to justice. This current group in government is the most unpatriotic in Zambia’s history, and it includes all you abetters with degrees, PhDs, judges, professors, clergy, businessmen, you have abandoned your conscience for pieces of silver.

The moral fibre that hypocritical Lungu likes to talk about is what is broken in this country, and PF are the major culprits. Our predicament cannot be a problem of lacuna and loopholes in the constitution alone. It’s a problem of an immoral, corrupt, imbecilic and deceptive government that has used these shortfalls to administer injustice on the innocent. I was against the Ministry of religious affairs and guidance but I think PF officials need the guidance of Ms. Sumaili more than the nation needs her, if at all she means well.

Where is the morality of a DPP who keeps innocent people in jail for months and months just to please Lungu? Where is the decency of a magistrate who keeps a sick citizen in jail just to please Lungu? Where is the power of parliament whose speaker suspends MPs for exercising their right to protest against the head of state in their own house? Where is constitutionalism, if the constitutional court is the ring leader in contradicting, reversing and delaying rulings? Where is the ultimacy of Supreme Court if the courts are always throwing cases at each at each other like a red hot piece of charcoal? Where is the power of the people, if Parliament can’t be allowed to apply its own rules? Where is the honour of members of parliament if as representatives of the people they can’t have the decency of voting in favour of retirees? Where is the professionalism of Anti-corruption if they can afford to clear a US$1 million transaction for some wreck worth US$ 250K? Where is the judicial complaints commission if any discipline on misbehaving magistrates and judges is seemingly farfetched and may only be administered when the damage is already done? Where is the dignity of the police if their role is to protect criminals and abuse the innocent? Where is the honesty of PF supporters if their hardships are a bad as everyone else’s? Where is the sanctity of the Judiciary if the executive can ignore court orders just to please Lungu? What happened to the resoluteness of Irene Mambilima if the deterioration of the judiciary is happening under her watch? Where is Lungu’s conscience if he swore to uphold the constitution with a bible in his hand?

There is toxic patronage which has contaminated the public trust in our institution at all levels and is a danger to the advancement of our democracy. We will definitely find it hard to correct the situation and maintaining PF in power will spell doom for a very long time too come. These rascals even admitted in a treason case, that theirs is a Government of Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Entailing that this is not a democracy but a Lungucracy, a government of Lungu, by Lungu for Lungu. Cowards despite their education have been gagged and are ignoring injustice just to have a piece of the cake that Lungu is controlling. The tonne of bricks is falling on anyone whether you are a musician or an elderly church woman in blue. The tonne of bricks is falling on pastors, diabetes patients, civil servants, TV stations and even their own cadres conducting a legal citizen’s arrest. If we chose not to see despite our open eyes, the disappoint we have right now will only get worse if we still believe in this so called government. There are people in this country who are warning about the rampant breakdown in the rule of law, we should heed those warnings. We have an example on DR Congo just next do, is that where we want to go as a country?

Richard W


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