MTN Zambia launches 5G cellular network to improve speed

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MTN Zambia has launched its pilot 5G cellular network, the first of its kind in Zambia that is expected to improve speed and customer experience.

Speaking at the launch on Tuesday, Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati said the launch is the most effective new year present for the people of Zambia as it will end frustration amongst customers on speed delays.

And Mutati has directed the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority ZICTA Director-General to revise the service provision licensing framework.

Mutati said the New Dawn Government has been clear on its drive towards achieving digital transformation whose key pillar is having adequate digital infrastructure.

Mutati said the launch of the 5G network does not only address connectivity but tremendous speed, achieving both quality of experience and quality of service which minimizes customer frustrations.

He said government is on a path to transform the digital space in Zambia and this launch puts the country among the first ten (10) African countries with 5G which means other countries will now come to learn from Zambia.

“We are one of the first ten African countries that have got 5G. We are in the big league as a country. We are among the big boys in Africa.

“The others will have to come and learn the experience from Zambia. As the New Dawn Government, we are not just talking, we are actually delivering things that we have committed ourselves to,” Mutati said.

He said through this pilot launch of 5G cellular network, lessons will be used to deploy connectivity to the rest of the country which will result in affordability to the end user as service will be delivered in the most cost effective way.

Meanwhile, Mutati said there is need for ZICTA to do more work in terms of having a review of the regulatory framework regarding licensing.
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