Govt to license 4th mobile operator

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Government is in the process of licensing a fourth mobile operator to enhance competition in the telecommunications sector.

Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya says the move is because government has prioritized the growth of the ICT sector.

Kafwaya adds that licensing a fourth mobile operator signifies the importance of the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority -ZICTA- in the country.

Inaugurating a new ZICTA Board in Lusaka today, Kafwaya said the board members are expected to provide oversight and strategic direction of the institution.

The minister further noted that ZICTA is a strategic institution to government in terms of regulating the ICT sector and postal services.

And ZICTA Board Chairperson Frighton Sichone said the board will ensure it works with management to enhance operations of the authority. -znbc


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