WhatsApp gifting take Zambia by storm, beware of scammers

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WhatsApp gifting has taken the country by storm, however while others benefited some have been scammed.

This is how it works: When you pay for your slot, you are linked to a group. When the group gets filled up, it is split into 2 thereby fastening and increasing your chances of getting paid.

This happens until your turn comes. Then when you get paid your money, you are retired from the group.

You are however, at liberty to reinvest the 200 and buy an open slot in a group.
Some get paid in hours, others in a day, others in a few days, but not longer than a week, depending on how fast your groups are moving.

According to one source with inside information some are paid more than once a day. “I know someone who got paid 3 times in a day, in 1200s.

“Yes, it is paid in batches of 200 directly to your account, whether mobile or bank, whichever is convenient for you and the person sending you the payment,” said the source.

However, some watchers have warned of WhatsApp scams often involving anonymous people, saying it is impossible to track or trace the money when it disappears.

They say traditionally, members either know each other personally, or know each other through a mutual contact. But some people join as complete strangers, though.

The modus operandi is that people will be paid out by other members of the WhatsApp group when it is their turn on the list.

However, oftentimes, people get scammed by dishonest members who run off after they have been paid, never to be heard from again and most often, are the group administrators.

Meanwhile, the government through the, Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority ( ZICTA) has warned against such schemes, saying perpetrators of such fraudulent conduct would be identified and punished.

ZICTA has warned citizens not to be tempted into things they are not sure of and end up losing their hard earned money.


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