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Missing MP found alive

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MP Emmanuel Jay Banda

…he was dumped by his abductors in Kafue, he is critical…

shortly before midnight , Hon. Jayjay Banda in a lot of pain, called his mother.

The mother to Jayjay then spoke to the owner of the phone who gave the location which disclosed that JayJay Banda had crawled up their house shortly before midnight and called for help.
The family had to call scream for neighbours who came and began to help. He could only remember his mother’s number.

The location were houses on the road to Kafue Boys off Kafue Main Road near Chita Lodge in Kafue District.

Members of the family rushed to Kafue. They found that the Zambia Police from Kafue had moved him from that house to Kafue District Hospital.

At this stage, the Police Command directed that JayJay Banda be moved from Kafue District Hospital to UTH or Maina Soko.

The family rejected the proposal.

At this stage JJ was moved in a convoy of family, some PF leaders and the Police had joined in. One car was involved in an accident along the way.

At this stage, Hon. Munir Zulu and Hon. Binwell Mpundu had joined the family.

Around 03;30hrs, while some leaders led by Hon. Brian Mundubioe and Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba were waiting at UTH, they were informed that JJ arrived at Medlands Hospital.
The team at UTH rushed to Medlands Hospital where doctors were beginning to do emergence preliminary treatment.

There was heightened confusion as the Police demanded that JayJay be evacuated to Maina Soko and the family said JJ was in a serious state of trauma and it was not safe to move him away from from the hospital.

A team led by Lusaka Police Commissioner sealed off the entrances of the hospital.

The doctors at Medlands demanded that everyone leave so that they could take JJ to Intensive Care Unit after CTC Scan and X-ray.

While JayJay was in the Scan room, there was a stand-off as the Lusaka Police Commissioner said he had fresh instructions from State House to immediately shift JJ to Main Soko.

Despite negotiations between the family, PF leaders, and Lusaka Police Commissioner, this ended in a stalemate as the Police insisted that JJ was to be moved to Maina Soko.

A reinforced team from State House and presidential security team arrived on the scene and ejected everyone and forcibly removed JJ and began to whisk him to the waiting ambulance outside.

During this period there were over 200 police officers enforcing the decision.

It’s at this stage that the officers swung into action and confiscated phones from everyone filming.

JJ has a lot of suspected torture injuries around his ribs, back, under the feet and hands. He clearly is in a lot pain and is unwell.

He also had visibly difficulties in breathing.

Shortly after 05:30hrs,the team drove JJ in a Maina Soko ambulance , to Maina Soko Medical Centre with a large convoy of the Police and security cars.

While you were sleeping this is what occurred between midnight and 05:30hrs – PF Media Team.


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