Katambo advises Zambians to diversify meals

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Minister of Agriculture Micheal Katambo has echoed Vice President Inonge Wina’s sentiments in advising Zambians to relying on maize meal and diversify into other foods that are equally nutritious.

And Katambo has maintained that there is no national food crisis in the country.

Speaking at a joint press briefing with the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Energy, Katambo has maintained that the country has enough maize stocks to help affected areas that have been hit by the drought.

Katambo said the country is food secure despite recording poor rainfall.

The minister emphasized that government through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has enough grains to feed the nation and that there is no need for people to panic.

Katambo also said government is doing anything possible to reduce the prices of mealie meal in the country noting that there has been a reduction in the price of the commodity in the past weeks.

He said the government engaged millers and other key players in the maize supply chain to see to it that the prices of mealie meal are reduced so as to make it affordable for the people of Zambia.

Katambo advised the farmers to engage in smart agriculture in view of the climate change.

He said Zambia is food secured and there is no need to declare hunger a national disaster.

Katambo indicated that the country recorded good harvest in provinces such as Eastern, Northern, Muchinga, Central and others and that the government is able to move maize to the provinces that recorded low harvest.

And the minister said the distortion of the price of mealie meal is as a result of private buyers that rushed into the market to buy maize at exorbitant prices.

He also said his ministry has engaged relevant institutions to ensure that cases of illegal export of maize and other products are curbed as this may result in the shortage of the mealie meal on the market.


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