Cops who battered PF cadres fired

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The Police Service Commission has moved swiftly to dismiss four police officers from Sesheke for allegedly beating up unruly PF cadres during the just-ended parliamentary by-election.

According to a dismissal notice seen by Zambian Eye, four officers namely; Senior Superitendent Officer commanding Sesheke District Shaapa Wakunguma (pictured), second officer commanding Sesheke District Fleming Chilongo, Assistant superintendent in charge of Sesheke police station Lengwe Borniface, and Constable Mukela Fridric of Sesheke Police Station have been retired in national interest.

“SHQ 53/15/14 of 16/02/19 XX be informed that the police service commission acting in the name of and on behalf of His Excellency the President has with immediate effect directed that the following officers are retired in the national interest; 1986 Mr. Shaapa Wakunguma S/Supt Officer commanding Sesheke District; 2672 Mr. Chilongo Fleming, second officer commanding Sesheke District; 2865 Mr. Lengwe Borniface A/Supt officer in charge Sesheke police station; 40453 Const Mukela Fridric of Sesheke Police Station. Their last day of working was on 15/02/19xx letters of retirement in post xx inform the concerned officers accordingly xx,” reads the dismissal form.

And Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo has confirmed the dismissal of the four officers, saying a detailed ministerial statement will be issued to Parliament during the course of this week.

“Disciplinary action has been taken against some officers involved in policing the Sesheke bye election. A comprehensive Ministerial statement statement will be issued in Parliament within the course of the week,” Katongo told journalists, Sunday.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports say the police command has written to the PF asking for forgiveness for the beating inflicted on the violent cadres mainly imported into Sesheke from Lusaka.


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