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HH tells Mazabuka he will continue fighting

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United Party for National Development, [UPND] president Hakainde Hichilema says the running mate clause in the first draft constitution must be adopted in order to reserve the nation’s resources in terms of loss of the head of state.

And HH as he is commonly known has said he will not gave up but continue fighting for Zambians despite harrassments by the Patriotic Front government.

Speaking on the live wire program on Mazabuka community radio today, the UPND leader said Zambia can learn from other countries in Africa that have lost heads of state and their vice presidents have taken over without holding costly elections.

HH noted that the presidential running mate clause should not be debated upon as it has to be a must.
Meanwhile the UPND president disclosed that it would be a misplaced vote if one voted for him on tribal grounds. He said the party has support from other provinces, rubbishing claims that it is regional.

He said people should support UPND based on the party manifesto it was presenting and not any other reason.

Speaking on the same program, HH’s Special Assistant, Edward Mumbi dismissed the tribalism tag that opponents were trying to paint the UPND saying the party had accommodated people from all regions including him from Northern Province.
Commenting on the current political situation, HH said democracy is under threat under the leadership of Patriotic Front [PF] government.
Responding to a caller from Lubombo outskirt Mazabuka who questioned his freedom with the recent police summons, HH said he has been threatened and vowed that he would not quit fighting for the well being of the Zambian people.
He said the recent harassments in police stations will not stop him from speaking the truth for the Zambian people.
HH accused the Patriotic Front government of failing to deliver citing among other issues the increased power blues in the country.
The UPND leader said President Michael Sata has been informed of various issues he has failed the people adding that the opposition was watching him in all his political manoeuvres.

By Our Correspondent in Mazabuka


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