Don’t just follow me, understand my vision – KBF

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Prominent Lusaka lawyer and former PF member Kelvin Bwalya better know as KBF has urged Zambians wanting to follow him to first understand his vision first so that they know where he stands.

Bwalya says he does not want to discourage people, explaining that an ignorant follower is a danger to himself.

He says he wants those that follow him to have knowledge on what he stands for.

“I am glad to learn that people are curious to know about me. I am open to dialogue and the exchange of views intellectually.  My request is that all of  you begin by reading my views. Do not follow blindly.  When you understand my vision it will be easier to engage and for you to defend that vision,” Bwalya said.

“I have observed that people want to ask alot questions about me before understanding my vision. This will not help us. I do not want to discourage anyone ,but an ignorant follower is not only a danger to himself, but to the vision carrier too. Knowledge also is good,but above also seek understanding of that knowledge that you acquire.Let’s get moving in one accord.”

Bwalya was expelled from the PF by the Lusaka Provincial Committee and many PF Members have indicated that they will follow him where ever he will go. 


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