Put your country first not your political parties, Zambian youths told

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‘MMD Diehard’ youths have urged fellow youths in Zambia to put the country first instead of their political parties.

And MMD Diehard National Youth Coordinator Gerald Chiluba (pictured) has asked PF National Youth Chairperson Stephen Kampyongo to extend the initiative of youth inter-party rallies to other provinces so as to increase youth interaction among young people in political parties in other areas.
Meanwhile UPND Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson Arron Banda in charge of politics acknowledged that some violent elements are joining his party but that they were being transformed into good citizens.
Featuring on a special “Let The People Talk” radio program on Phoenix FM which featured youths from PF, UPND and MMD, Chiluba said the country was suffering because youths in the country have become more patriotic to their political parties than they are to the ideals of the nation.
He said youths should realise that there is no political party without the country hence the need for them to ensure that they put the country first.
“As MMD die hard we dismayed with what is prevailing especially among youths, majority Zambians today are loyal to their political parties instead of being loyal to the country. The country is in a serious crisis as people are no longer patriotic to the ideals of nation¬† even when it’s clear that political parties cannot exist in the absence of the country,” he said
And Chiluba has commended PF National Youth Chairperson Stephen Kampyongo for the initiative to hold an inter-party rally on youth day to encourage youth interaction.
He said the inter-party rallies should be taken to all provinces so that youths from all political parties can interact more thereby reducing the occurrences of political violence because of their interface.
“The initiative of holding inter-party rally is the step in the right direction if we are to curb political violence. As MMD Die hards we want to urge the National Youth Chairperson of PF Hon. Stephen Kampyongo to extend these rallies across provinces,” he said.
Chiluba also commended Kampyongo who is also the Home Affairs Minister for pronouncing that his party will no longer ferry cadres to campaign in areas where there are by election.
“I must confess that the honourable Minister of Home Affairs has risen above petty politics and he as shown committement and dedication to fight violence as well evindenced from his pronouncement to stop ferrying cadres to areas of elections.”
On Youth unemployment Chiluba said Zambia is not “the garden of Eden for people to expect things to freely fall.”
He said the country should work together in finding solutions to the challenges regardless of the political affiliation.
“Zambia is not the garden of Eden were manner and milk should flow freely, as youths we need to change our strategy if we are to change the status quo. Let’s not expect heaven on Earth but move together through constant engagement with various government departments,” he said.
And Banda from the UPND said his party has received violent elements from the former ruling party but that his party was transforming the said individuals into better citizens because his party believes in civil politics.
He also said ending political violence squarely lies on the shoulders of the PF because it was the party in power.
He said it was hypocrisy for the PF to accuse the UPND of being perpetrators of violence because it was the PF leaders who were protecting the cadres involved in political violence.

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