We will defend Chiluba from enemies of his good legacy – Ndoyi

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A young politician from the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) says youths from his party will defend the legacy of their founding president Fredrick Chiluba which he says has been under an evil attack from self serving cartels.

Commenting on the just ended week-long memorial celebration of Zambia’s second president Fredrick Chiluba, Ndoyi vowed that MMD youths will defend his legacy against any unwarranted attacks.  

The former student leader, now affiliated to MMD, also urged youths in PF and UPND to equally defend the legacy of their former leaders whenever their legacies are under heavy attack.

“As a young politician, I must first of all hasten to thank all those who attended this national event. We want to thank all our former Presidents who attended that is Dr Kenneth Kaunda, late Dr Levy Mwanawasa as represented by Madam Maureen Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda and the current Republican President Edgar Lungu. This show of solidarity and unity of purpose shows that Zambia is willing to reconcile itself and set itself on a different trajectory to reconcile it’s past and better it’s future.

“Zambia is ready to correct the wrongs to unite itself, and never again should any former Presidents legacy be rubbished for purposes of fixing that leader. We all know that it took alot of courage for every one single leader to come and celebrate this legacy that had been under a heavy evil attack, and as a nation we mustn’t take that for granted,” he said.

He said the importance of the memorial celebration can not be reduced to cheap politicking and that people like Dr Nevers Mumba and Chishimba Kambwili should be ignored for spiting on the grave of the person who brought back the same democracy they are abusing to attack him.

“For those like Dr. Chishimba Kambwili and Dr. Nevers Mumba who in their statements have rubished this event and think it should have been about them, we can only regret in pity. They called it a poorly organised event and that it was attended by criminals. No one can reduce such a national event with this type of sewage cheap politics. The two have chosen to spit saliva on the grave of a man who brought back the democracy they are using to attack him, a former Head of State instead of doing the noble thing by laying a wreath in honor. 

“And these are people who seek to lead this country in one way or the other, how then can they unite the country? It may be convenient for them today but we can only pray for them. They must reflect they themselves on how they want to be remembered, and how they would feel if sentiments such as the ones they make are made when they are no more? Events like this are only but aimed at restoring the good legacy of a man who served at the helm of this country for ten years,” he said.

Ndoyi further commended fourth president Rupiah Banda for his support towards the holding of a successful memorial event.

He says young people in MMD will remain indebted to him for continuing to be the father of the party and will not standby in defending him because of what he did and continues to do for the party. 

“Secondly, I want to thank our former President Rupiah Banda in particular for ever being available whenever events in honor of Dr. Chiluba are organised. He has demonstrated true leadership and friendship. He has remained a true father of the party and has never shied away from stepping in to provide leadership, wisdom and counsel during challenging times and when our leaders get stuck. It is a true mark of genuine statesmanship and we want to promise him that we will defend and celebrate his legacy equally and protect it from self-serving cartels.

“This by extension means that all our former leaders deserve a chance to be celebrated for the positive good things they have done. Therefore, as youths will not hesitate to come to the defence of our former leaders whenever their legaciesare under heavy attack.”

To the young people in other political parties Ndoyi advised them to be the defenders of the legacies of their leaders.

“Equally, I want to call upon the youths in both PF and UPND to always protect and defend the legacy of their former leaders. For instance it’s the duty of every member in PF to rise to the occasion and defend the legacy of Late Michael Chilufya Sata whenever it’s apparent that it’s under attack, including that of President Edgar Lungu. UPND as well, they owe a duty to defend and celebrate the legacy of Late Anderson Mazoka whenever his vision and the things he stood for are under attack, including that of Hakainde Hichilema when he is no more.

“As youths we must not hesitate to come out in the open in doing so, because a united future requires that we reconcile the past. For us, we will defend Dr. Chiluba’s legacy just as that of Dr. Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda, Nevers Mumba and now president Felix Mutati. This we must do without fear or favor.”

Former president Dr. Frederick Chiluba in the MMD government, had in his hayday come under heavy and high level corruption allegations after leaving office. After a long and rigorous court process, Dr. Chiluba was later acquitted against all allegations leveled on him. A victory he never lived long enough to enjoy. 

Dr. Chiluba is today celebrated as the father of democracy and in a nation highly dominated by Christians as a President who dedicated the country to God by declaring Zambia as a Christian nation which to date remains enshrined in the constitution of Zambia.

MMD government under his leadership superintended over the successful onerous privatisation agenda of the economy, giving a lifeline to an devastated and ailing economy through a liberalisation era after the telling effects of socialism under the at the end of the 27 year rule of the UNIP government.


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