Dipak Patel urges calm among UPND supporters

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Dipak-PatelUnited Party for National Development (UPND) campaign manager Dipak Patel has appealed to his party’s supporters to remain calm and follow proper channels when raising any concerns regarding the electoral process.

He said this in a statement released to the media, following yesterday’s action by UPND cadres to impound two trucks hired by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on suspicion that they were ferrying pre-marked ballots for purposes of rigging the forthcoming presidential election.

It, however, turned out that the trucks were carrying chairs, batteries and other items after a verification of the trucks’ contents was carried out at Lusaka Central Police station.

Below is his full statement:

12 January 2015

I wish to appeal to our supporters to remain calm and committed to raising any concerns or grievances regarding the election process through the correct and official channels.

The ECZ has our full support and we will continue to work with them to address any such concerns in the appropriate manner. Queries and requests for verification during the election process are natural and legitimate, but these must be raised in a manner that does not cause undue disruption or have the capacity to unsettle.

The ECZ is doing a commendable job. I wish to make it clear that it is not their actions that have aroused mistrust and suspicion. Rather it is a result of the fact that the Zambian people have too often had the truth hidden from them. The fact that the PF candidate regularly sneaks out of the country to undisclosed locations during the campaign period has been one such source of concern.

During the campaign we have not only been overwhelmed and humbled by the support for our candidate across the country, but also the conviction and energy with which our supporters are actively campaigning and calling for change. As we head in to the final days of the campaign we wish to remind and reinforce to our supporters that our campaign must at all times be a peaceful campaign, that violent acts will always be condemned in the strongest terms by our leadership, and that the way to overcome the violence against us is through the ballot box.

Dipak Patel
UPND Campaign Manager


2 Responses to Dipak Patel urges calm among UPND supporters

  1. Iwe Ka Patel Its Like Wayamba Ukupenunukako Panono. So Fyebe Ifipuba Finobe Fyumfwishe. Where Have You Ever Seen Chairs And Batteries Turn Into Ballot Papers? Mwe Ng’ombe Mwe. Useless Idiots. Vote Pa Bwato.

    January 13, 2015 at 9:37 pm

  2. Yes Mr Patel but also what happened in Livingstone is proof that the UPND anti-rigging squad is vigilant. And they should continue being that until counting is over.

    January 14, 2015 at 6:33 am

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