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We will not chase street vendors – HH

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Part of the crowd that attended the UPND rally

Part of the crowd that attended the UPND rally

United Party for National Development (UPND) presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema has assured street vendors that they will not be removed from the streets should he win the January 20th 2015 presidential by-election.

Meanwhile some UPND supporters were injured after suspected PF cadres attacked buses that were transporting people to the UPND rally.

Speaking when he addressed a huge rally at Twashuka School grounds in Lusaka’s Kanyama area on Sunday afternoon, Hichilema said the PF was telling people that vendors will be removed from the streets if UPND wins the elections but he assured them that his government will not chase them but will instead provide them with soft loans to enable them improve and legitimize their businesses.

He promised that once elected his government would among other things, work to reduce the price of fertilizer so as to reduce meali- meal prices, reduce the price of fuel and electricity tariffs.

He told the raucous crowd that his government would remove the wage and employment freeze imposed by the PF government and promised to reinstate all the nurses who were fired for striking after the PF government failed to pay them the money they were promised.

And Hichilema reiterated his pledge to recognize Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Chitimukulu once he is elected president and pointed out that government should not meddle in traditional matters.

At the same event, the UPND leader received endorsements from among others, Former President Rupiah Banda’s son Andrew and Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba’s brother Chilekwa Munkonge who passionately appealed to him (HH) to restore the Dignity of the Bemba people by recognizing the Mwine Lubemba.

And the packed crowed was sent into a frenzy when Hichilema intoduced his wife Mutinta as they broke into chants of “First Lady! First Lady!” Musician and poet Pilato also entertained the crowd as he belted his catchy UPND campaign tune.

Hichilema knelt before a crowd to ask for votes.

Meanwhile some UPND supporters where injured after a group of suspected PF cadres attacked buses that were transporting people to the UPND rally.

The stone throwing cadres smashed several buses and attempted to block the road from Soweto market area to stop people from attending the rally but the Police brought the situation under control and positioned officers to patrol the area.

No PF cadre was however arrested but the damaged vehicles were taken to Los Angeles police post.


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