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Nawakwi denounces tribal politics

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nawakwiOpposition FDD President Edith Nawakwi says Southern Province will not run the country as a province if their leaders continue issuing tribal statements whenever they go to campaign in the province.

And Ms. Nawakwi has challenged candidates that are looking down on her that she cannot run the country on account of her gender to produce their Curriculum Vitae (CVs) for people to judge.

Speaking when she addressed a mammoth rally in Monze on Wednesday the opposition leader said there is no one province that can win and govern the country without the help of other provinces.

She said Southern Province will remain in opposition in for decades if their leaders continued to preach tribalism whenever they address them.

The FDD Leader observed that the province has for the last 15 years voted for UPND but the party continues to be in opposition an indication that it needs support from other provinces to govern.

“I hear one of the leaders told people in this province that it is your duty to vote for him because he is your brother, please reject such statements because you can’t just vote for someone because of

When your leaders come telling you that chase them. Tell them to go back to Lusaka and continue drinking coffee because now there is only one tribe called Zambia. she said.

And Ms. Nawakwi has challenged candidates telling people not to vote for her because is a woman to produce their CVs and compare with hers for people to judge who is the most qualified to take up the nation’s top job.

She said she has served as Minister for ten years and as MP for two different constituencies for 15years something no candidate among the eleven candidates can boast of.

“Edgar Lungu went to tell people in Isoka that don’t vote for Nawakwi because she is a woman but let me tell him that he has just acted as president for 11 days and that does not make him qualified to be President of this country.

No one among the rest 10 knows how to negotiate for the country more than I do. I was Minister in four different Ministries for 10 years and MP for fifteen years in two different constituencies show me anyone who has this CV among the rest, none!.

Besides a woman is in charge of the strongest in economy in the world so what is Edgar talking about. And this same man is still clinging on to the name of late President Michael Sata. Does it mean he can’t sale himself without using the late president’s name and image?” she questioned.

And the Opposition FDD President has threatened to report Tourism Minister and Mandevu MP Jean Kapata to the police and the Electoral Commission of Zambia if she continues tearing down her campaign posters.

The opposition leader says Ms. Kapata should not take the confusion in her party to the FDD as the party does not engage in uncivilized politics which was an order of the day in the ruling PF.

Ms. Nawakwi said her party has carried out issued based campaigns and would not allow uncivilized elements from other political parties to tarnish the good name and reputation the party has so far earned.

“Ms. Kapata is on rampage organizing and supervising youths to tear down our posters in Mandevu Constituency after realizing that our party is spreading like bush fire in the area. She knows that she has lost her popularity in her constituency and now she is venting her anger at my posters.” Ms. Nawakwi said.

Ms. Kapata has been accused of personally supervising the tearing down posters of FDD president Edith Nawakwi in Roma her residential area and other areas in Mandevu constituency and threatening to beat up taxi drivers who have been helping the FDD leader to put up posters in the area.


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