Declare holiday on 10, 11 and 12 August, Sinkamba asks Lungu

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SinkambaGreen Party President Peter Sinkamba has called on President Edgar Lungu to declare 10, 11 and 12th August as constitutional public holidays for smooth voting.

Sinkamba said this is because not everyone resides in areas where they will vote from thus, a very significant number of voters will have to traverse the country to go and vote.

He says this entails that they will need at least one day of traveling to the areas where they registered to vote.

He explains that due to a number of limitations, it will be literally impossible for a significant number of voters to travel on Poll Day to areas where they are registered to vote, cast their votes and get back the same day.

He furthermore explains that not many employers allow their employees to get leave or day-off on Fridays and that for this reason, the nation may have voters shunning to travel to avoid absconding from work on Friday, in the event they fail to find their way back on Poll Day.

The Green Party Leader says the ongoing political violence will make it extremely risk to travel at night when poll results are being announced.

Mr. Sinkamba says it is for this reason that he is calling on President Lungu to declare the three days as Constitutional Public Holidays.


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