Brian Hapunda must be expelled

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Brian Hapunda

Brian Hapunda

The revelations that Brian Hapunda leaked privileged information from State House on Kaizer Zulu, Mr Chilubanama and Mr Davies Mwila are shocking, unacceptable and a betrayal of trust.


The PF should expel Hapunda because they will lose nothing and it will be good riddance.


Hapunda has never led any organization and has never won any election apart from survival through boot licking and sticking like a tick to anyone with money and influence.


He can’t help in growth of the PF in Southern province because he simply doesn’t have leadership in his blood.


If president Lungu wants to penetrate Southern province and increase his paltry presidential votes from 22 000 that he obtained in January to 100 000 that Rupiah Banda and Levy Mwanawasa used to score, he has to act now and act tactfully.


Firstly, the PF has only the Livingstone Seat in parliament from Southern Province through Mr Evans who clearly won’t win it again in 2016 and I know this because I am a Livingstone resident.


We need shadow MPs in all Cosmopolitan constituencies like Livingstone, Mazabuka central and Choma Central who can start campaigning and explaining government programs now.


Secondly, we don’t have a provincial party Chairman strictly speaking and hence the party is not growing.


The current chairman, Mr Hamududu, is just busy allegedly asking for money from PF members who aspire to stand on PF tickets, sidelining those that he feels are too independent or are threats and does not travel to mobilize the party and he is not known by the public(voters) anyway.


Thirdly, our provincial minister, Honourable Mubukwanu is a misfit here in Southern province because he is an introvert, who sits in the office all the time, can’t think outside the box and doesn’t have charisma and will never do things differently. With these facts, PF shouldn’t expect growth in Southern Province.


What makes the PF think that Brian Hapunda is the only person who can help the party to grow in Southern Province?


Let the President know that Tongas are not good at recommending each other like the Bembas and Easterners and therefore People like Hon Richwell Siamunene will never mention any Tonga name with potential in front of the President especially his fellow valley Tongas of Siavonga, Sinazongwe and Maamba. Ninjikala nabo sana kuno aba tonga (I have stayed for a long time) 17 years, they dont help each other to rise.


President Lungu should also know that Hon Inonge Wina will never recommend an influential Tonga to any position and hence we have ineffective people like Hon Mubukwanu and yet we have no shortage of leadership material amongst the Tongas who are committed PF members.


Worse still, Hapunda now has brought this stigma that Tongas cant be loyal to PF and thus Inonge Wina will now sideline Tongas more.


There are people who are not even MPs now who can shape up Southern province for the PF.


This Hapunda theory should change. Why not try influential people who are liked by the public such as Mrs Ompi Nkumbula Liebenthal, Syacheye Madyenkuku, Edify Hamukale, Edgar Keembe (although he is in MMD), Vincent Malambo etc?


That would make more sense than the current status quo approach.


Hapunda is a shame and we don’t want to see him here in Livingstone or else.Watusebanya nangu ninsala tefyo bacita (You have embrassed us even if it’s hunger this is not the way.)


Concerned Livingstone PF official


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