The fallacy of defections in Zambian politics

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Kapita with President Lungu

Kapita with President Lungu

By Chewe Mubiana

The past few weeks have been quite interesting when it comes to defections from other political parties to the new darling in the political arena, the Patriotic Front (PF). To be honest with you my dear colleagues, I was almost entertaining the thought of defecting myself to the PF.

Just when I was considering defection the Patriotic Front (PF), a dear front of mine informed me that the PF does not have a membership register. I was informed that the PF does not give membership cards. Apparently, when a person announces that they have joined the PF, all they have to do is flash the symbol of the clenched fist and just like magic, one becomes a member of the PF. This reminded me of the mafia style of allegiance where a new member needed only to perform a ritual of kissing the hand of the God-Father and just like that, they were indoctrinated into the “family”.

Something is clearly amiss with the way the PF are running their affairs. In fact, for those people who are clever, the PF is a perfect party to defect to. I wish to encourage all those people who feel they can eat of the high table to swiftly defect to the PF. Let all Zambians satisfy the appetite OF MR. DAVIS CHAMA (The Secretary General of the PF) to have a one party state. The PF have set a very bad precedent of encouraging defections which are not based on principle. It is very clear that DORA SILIYA and MR. KAPITA are motivated to join the PF for personal benefit. I am even more curious about MR. KAPITA because he may have joined the PF to be a proper mole in the PF. I would not be surprised if the so called defection to the PF has the full blessing of the UPND leadership.

The leadership of the PF is so inept that it is very vulnerable to being played. Is it not curious that the UPND have not attacked MR. KAPITA for joining the PF. Is it not possible that MR. KAPITA has been sent to spy on the PF and to give all the information to the UPND? Is it not possible that the MMD under the LEDARSHIP OF Rupiah is trying to re-establish itself using the facilities of the PF? Are the PF members mad or they are too dull to smell the coffee?


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