My View: Defections – The case of Dora Siliya

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Chanodi Ngwira

Dora Siliya

Dora Siliya

By Chanoda Ngwira

In our Zambian politics today or should I say since the introduction of multipartism, people leaving one political party to the other or defections are the order of the day, the issue is not new, it has been happening I think for over a decade now.

This has lead to formation of different political parties, no party can boast of not having new commers from other political partie4s as well as people leaving their political parties. Today one may be MMD, tomorrow that person may be PF or UNIP or even Muliokela’s PP. This very normal and no one must say anything about it for am seeing it staying.
The recent defection which has hit headlines is that of one Dora Siliya, the former MMD out spoken Spokes person, the former law maker for Petauke, a former Minister in the MMD government and indeed a former broadcaster, who has defected to the Patriotic Front from the former ruling Party MMD. This was shortly after the ruling in favour of her, Mwale and Sililo in the Supreme Court in a case where they were challenged not to re-contest their seats. This defection as expected hit headlines in our media houses and yes there were quite a number of feelings about this.
Dora has not been fully received in the PF, why do I say so, the current Information Minister Honourable Chishimba categorically stated that he would rather sell his soul to the devil than receive Siliya in the PF, and these sentiments were echoed by the Nchanga Member of Parliament Mr. Wilbur Simusa who also indicated the displeasure of Dora’s coming into PF. We do not know why these comrades are not at peace to have Dora in PF.
Whatever the case is, like alluded to above, defections are normal. And mostly before anyone defects, there is always an exchange of words, politicians exchange words. This same applies to the reasoning of Honourable Chishimba Kabwili who has complained that Dora can not be welcome in PF because she called Mr. Sata(MHSRIEP) names, Kambwili claims that it would be foolish of PF to accept such a person and to add on, Simmusa said unless Dora offers a public apology to the PF over her attacks on Mr. Sata, she will not be accepted in PF..
I tend to laugh at the two gentlemen, the reason is simple, politics is a game of name calling, Gabriel Namulambe called the PF all sorts of names when he was in MMD under Mwanawasa, but when he defected, he was welcomed and even got a ministerial position, same is Silvia Masebo whom Mr. Sata called names, as well her calling Mr. Sata names, when she went to join PF, she was welcomed and was given a full ministerial position. It is not new, and it i


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