Tonga meeting – The case of Davis Chama

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Davies Chama

Davies Chama

By Malambo Mwempwa


I wish to take a position on the proposed meeting in Monze.


Firstly, I wish to state that the proposed meeting is not a political meeting and any attempts by some sections of society to politicize the meeting are quite unfortunate and regrettable.


I can just say that the people trying to associate the proposed meeting with any political party are as tribal as Davies Chama himself.


Davies Chama’s statement was not directed at any political party. It was a direct attack on anyone from Southern Province with ambitions to participate in Zambian politics regardless of their current political affiliation.

Davies Chama’s proposal of excluding Tongas from aspiring for political leadership in this country implied that even Tongas who are in the Patriotic Front should never ever think of contesting for party presidency in the PF.


I can just imagine how the Tongas in the Patriotic Front are feeling right now. I therefore understand and basically sympathize with the people of Southern Province and they have to defend their freedom and rights to pursue their dreams and aspirations.


What Davies Chama was doing in simple terms was actually closing doors to all young, ambitious intelligent, and capable Tongas – A very sad state of affairs I must say.


You cannot deny the country benefits that come with ethnic diversity just because today you are in a position where you are benefiting as an individual from ethnic divisions.


To Davies Chama, the more tribal divisions we have in the country the better the chances of staying in power. There are greater benefits that come with tapping into the strengths of different members of society.


Household expenditures have tripled without a corresponding change in income levels. The Kwacha is losing value every second and killing business in the country. Productivity in the country has dropped due to load shedding. We have a swelling national debt which we are passing onto our children to bear the burden.


The dream of having a people driven constitution has been killed. The revenue side of the national budget is constantly shrinking.


We are faced with about 50% budget deficit. Commercial bank Interest rates are hovering around 28% making it almost impossible for business owners to have access to affordable capital.


Instead of telling the Zambians the plan they have to deal with all these challenges facing the nation, Davies Chama choses to tell Zambians to still give them a vote just because the other guy is Tonga – This is an insult to Zambians!


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