Beware of defecting defections

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HH welcomes Mulenga Sata while Dr Scott looks on

HH welcomes Mulenga Sata while Dr Scott looks on

By Emmanuel Chilekwa

The entire PF Cartel, that fought Edgar Chagwa Lungu has in its entirety, come to “hijack” my party, the UPND. Am afraid, it must be said, regardless.

It is political suicide to get a whole batch of “plotters” and synchronise them into the main stream wing. Often times, their act could never stop there.

What was the Cartel all about? In short, its all about business, but that’s a topic for another day. I will delve into the implications of The Post newspaper supporting us and what we must brace for as UPND later, not today.

Back to the theme for now – it’s the season when career politicians reach the climax of their inert pungent selfish pollution as they think of which tree to jump to mainly to enable them continue in the luxury and plunder principle shade.

In football, that window where you buy or sell players.

I have one concern though – are these players changing their teams because their teams or coaches are bad? Nay, they are reinventing themselves as they find their relevance coming to expiry line.

These are the same chaps that have caused mass unemployment, sold plots disadvantaging the poor, designed intimidating political schemes against UPND, These are the same folks that have been condemning progressive UPND policies. So, what has changed now with three minutes to go before end of the game?

The people of Zambia want REAL change. We want a new president, new Cabinet, really committed anti-corruption team, not old tried tested and failed corrupt ministers and Councillors – not same people like Alexander Cihkwanda (Finance Minister since 1972) who was there in UNIP, MMD, PF.

The Zambian people will not forgive or allow the UPND to take on PF jackets in operation, attitude and all. They want a new real change of HH and new team on the block.

President Hakainde will find it hard to do what is right if he surrounds himself with too much of PF / MMD folks. The best could be an 80:20 approach so that UPND keeps its efficacy.

If we pack too many old folks from the PF into the UPND, the PF Cartel will influence, confuse, dilute the UPND political and performance efficacy. I want the UPND to come and perform as a new party with new ideas and new people.

Some of these people are serious heavy baggage we are importing. Unless there is a cleansing buffer room before we launch them.out.

Pick a leaf from the MMD project of 1991, where quantity and contributions mattered more than quality and content. The MMD was an amalgamation of drug dealers, smugglers, plunderers, trade union activists and ordinary politicians. Drug money funded the MMD. See where that composition has brought it now.

Let people join UPND because of good policies, not because PF or Edgar has failed. How come they want to jump off the boat 95 days to go?



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