“Mulenga Sata has failed his father, Lungu must check himself “

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File: President Sata greets his Son Mulenga

File: President Sata greets his Son Mulenga

Zambia Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says Mulenga Sata who quit PF to join the opposition UPND has failed his father who fought so hard to build the ruling party – PF.

President Lungu

President Lungu

And Tayali has urged President Edgar Lungu to check himself following mass defections from the PF to the opposition.

Below is Tayali’s statement:

I will look at the reactions and impact of the defection of Mulenga Sata from PF to UPND.

First and foremost let me most sincerely congratulate HH and the UPND for pulling quite a good number of significant people. It does not matter whether they are factors or not, the fact is that they are adding to the UPND family and politics is about numbers.

Concerning Mulenga Sata, there are number of issues one would look at depending on which side you are. If you are against the defection, you would rush in discrediting both UPND and Mulenga himself.

I know a little more about Mulenga’s frustrations and wish he would have not acted emotionally considering that he carries the brand name of “Sata” which is like the silver-lining of Late Sata’s presence in PF. Though Sata is gone but having Mulenga there (PF), somehow gives that feeling of indigenous.

No one in PF can ever give that naive feeling of the Sata’s presence in PF than a man who carries his blood regardless of his abilities. PF lost Sata in death and they have also lost his connection in Mulenga Sata.

I am not saying PF should be like a Monarch but just that spirit of having the son there gives a sentimental value

In my view Mulenga Sata has also failed the legacy of his father by not staying on in PF to preserve that spirit of his father in a party that he so much worked for to build. He has succumbed to what his father conquered.

It does not matter who said or did what in PF he would have stayed because PF was not just a party to late Sata, it was his life. This is why some of us will not just abandon PF though I don’t carry a membership card.

HH welcomes Mulenga Sata while Dr Scott looks on

HH welcomes Mulenga Sata while Dr Scott looks on

Mulenga Sata said his father must be turning in his grave for having hijackers in PF, on the contrary, Late Sata must be turning in the grave for having a son who cannot defend his legacy.

Mulenga has disgraced his father in death by running to people that prayed for the waste when he was sick. People that jubilated when he died all because of his (Mulenga) weakness and seeking attention. It is really a shame and he should say sorry to his late father for dragging his name into cowardice when he died a hero.

On the other hand President Lungu must do serious introspection on his leadership. Is President Lungu’s leadership measuring up to the founder of PF? You can say, this is a different leadership, yes, but the principles of care for people, courage to stop bad things like corruption, empowering people among others must be the character of PF even after the founder’s death.

Yes, politics is about numbers, but what does he think Sata would say if he came back to life today? Does President Lungu think he is a greater leader than Sata?

Edgar Lungu on the middle

Edgar Lungu on the middle

Who made Edgar Lungu? Where was Edgar Lungu when Sata was forming the party? Would have Edgar Lungu won the elections if he was the President in 2011?

On whose political architecture is the PF surviving and banking on winning 2016 elections?

What has Edgar Lungu done away from what Sata started to guarantee his re-elections?

I am not despising President Edgar Lungu, I am only letting people to think about how they are running the affairs of the Party that Sata and of course many others suffered for to gain victory in 2011.

I have nothing wrong with MMD members joining PF, it is about politics, infact even Sata welcomed members from other parties including Guy Scott and Sylvia Masebo who was insulting him when she was with Mwanawasa.

The point is, PF must do an introspection other than being arrogate to Mulenga Sata simply because he is not like his father. Mulenga might be old but his father loved him and he endevored to look after him in spite of his weaknesses. Did Edgar Lungu do enough to look after Mulenga?

For Mulenga, I would say, it is high time he stood up as a man and fought his battles, dady is gone, don’t go look for a daddy in HH.



6 Responses to “Mulenga Sata has failed his father, Lungu must check himself “

  1. I allways have problems with people eyes like MULENGA Sata or HH u can not trust them, mulenga he can even kill the father. Bcoz of money from gbm/hh.

    May 5, 2016 at 12:51 pm

  2. Situation Analysis caused Mulenga Sata to think what he thought. A good vision and principle can well be measured when one is defecting to the opposition such as for Mulenga Sata but for Moonde etel is about the belly. I put Mulenga Sata to be a man of Principle. Some people can be insulted in public as cipuba but because of money such people cannot resign. Mulenga Sata is not such cheap. Zambia can improve if we have people who can resign on principle not these Kaingus who keep eating even when universities close, Dora who keeps on serving even when loadshedding has persisted

    Muntu Na Muntu
    May 5, 2016 at 6:40 pm

  3. I think you have missed the point about Mulenga Sata’s actions to leave pf, Tayali. Mulenga in his statement when explained why left pf, he said that pf has lost the original vission of its founders, Mr. Data. It has become corrupt & its leadership does not listen any more to the people, the same sediments you have expressed in your article. Now here is a party that has lost vission, corrupt & the most fatal sickness that it does not listen to the people, if it was you Tayali how would you have helped to cure this party, the fact that it does not listen, it is incurable. At the other hand it is the majority of the people who are suffering at the hands of this corrupt system, would you have stayed on, for the sake of legacy? Tayali we have 2 types of people in this world the self & the selfless like our Kids Jesus, Mulenga is one like such. wouldn’t keep a corrupt system for the sake of legacy, while majority are suffering! The only way he thought to help the suffering people is to bring unend to this corrupt system even if it takes to loose the family legacy. Tayali what Mulenga has displayed is true leadership on behalf of the people, not cowardise. If we had people like Mulenga who would give of legacy for the sake of the people Zambia will never be the same again. He himself said it was not easy to let go what his father has built.

  4. I agre with Tayali, Mulenga Sata s defection is real his looking forward his the kind of man who knws wat he wants. All i can say is amn.Many wil stil do what u did I believ.Jst lvd ur action.naikonda iyo.

    May 6, 2016 at 6:04 am

  5. HH had a special nick-name for Sata after parting ways with the PF, “CHIMBWI NO PLAN”
    The other fellow coined, “CALCULATOR-BOY” for HH.
    They were not enemies, so we are told.
    Now Mulenga Sata, the son of the PF founder President, duly honoured by his father’s successor in a manner no one else would(not even his father appointed him to a ministerial position!)comes smarting out of an apparently, beleaguered party.
    Mulenga was famous in Lusaka as a dog-seller……I just wonder what common name for a puppy dog HH will name after him when the that time comes to part company.
    I read Joseph Mwenda’s views in the Post today, just a shy away from admitting that the Post Newspaper wants a reconciliation with Edgar after a whole year of diatribe!
    Is it too late for Mulenga to swing a turn around?
    Only time will tell.

    mwana wa mfumu
    May 6, 2016 at 4:31 pm

  6. Tayali, people react in to situations in different ways. What seems like Mulenga’s weakness might actually be a strength. Some people would find leaving the trimming and benefits that go with staying in more attractive but Mulenga’s decision of ‘abandoning ship’ on principle might also be a sign of strength. He will be judged by the people.
    Mulenga factor or not but today’s classic(or the last few days’ depending where you are on the globe) was the Wynter Kabimba’s punch line that: the queen’s is not the King of queen of all dogs in the country! I would vote for Wynter just because of that line even if he wasn’t going to make a good President. My assumption was that there is more where that came from!

    May 6, 2016 at 8:31 pm

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