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Averagely we will say its a good song that didn’t sound original

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Musician, Yo Maps

By Saili Mavegie Phiri

I wish the song had the original Yo maps Vibes,,The Original Yo Maps tune has a different and unique vibes that comes with bangs and addiction.

The confirmation beats and vocals sounded so compressed a beat Nigerian.

Being international does not mean adopting Nigerian sounds, We have our own Yo maps sounds and we needed to export it to Nigeria just like Diamond exported Bongo music to the world.

I doubt if Iyanya would even share that song on his blogs.

Confirmation is not a type of song that someone would put on repeat for more than 5 times like we have done to so many Yo maps songs.

It doesn’t consume the addiction that comes with listening to Yo maps songs.

The whole idea of featuring an international artist shouldn’t just be based on making a name yourself, but it should also aim at exporting a new Zambian music content.

Imagine if an international artist was featured in banging songs that sounded like Go down pick it up, songs like so mone, Fatima,Mr Romantic, Am sorry e.t.c. by now the whole Nigeria would have been dancing to it on TikTok.


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