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Two chiefs leaving Lealui palace

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Leaving the Lealui palace, the Litunga’s palace in the Zambezi plains due to floods to the higher land palace in Limulunga marks the beginning of the ceremony.

The Balozi King called Litunga leaves this palace with his subjects every year around March -April due to foods. This has been happening for years and it became an annual celebrated event called Koumboka ceremony.

The King in a bigger special canoe peddled by over 50 men embarks on a journey that takes not less than five hours accompanied by his wife, the Queen and his Subjects.

They have a stopover along the way.

They dock or land at Limulunga harbour later in the afternoon after not less than five hours of being in the water.

At the Limulunga harbour, Guests from all over and outside Zambia wait to see the King arrives In spectacular way. Traditional performances are performed.

The Koumboka ceremony has remained as one of the most celebrated traditional ceremony in Zambia.

The Balozi people who were part of the British protectorate still draw some of the traditions from the British Monarchy. For instance, the suit the King wears as he lands at Limulunga is like that of the King of United Kingdom.

On these pictures taken earlier today in the morning, the Litunga with his Colleague and Guest of Honor Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people is seen leaving Lealui to mark the beginning of the Koumboka ceremony.

Zambian Eye, 20th April 2024.


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